Arian Moayed Joins the Cast of Spider-Man 3

Feb 15, 2021

Murphy’s Multiverse is report Succession actor Arian Moayed has been added to the cast of Marvel’s currently filming Spider-Man 3.

The site has little details on his role other than he has already begun filming scenes and will be portraying a detective in the upcoming MCU film.

Moayed has mostly been relegated to television roles so the leap to the big screen is a welcomed jump for the actor who can also be seen in shows like The Blacklist and Law and Order.

His detective role is likely tied to the jaw dropping conclusion to Spider-Man: Far From Home as it was revealed by Mysterio that Spider-Man was in fact high school student Peter Parker, whom the villain also framed for his murder. It’s likely Moayed is tasked with investigating the wall crawler and hunting him down to answer for his crimes

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse


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