Arrow 4B: Merlyn & Spoilers

Jan 25, 2016

A fight three years in the making is coming to Arrow, in the very near future, actor John Barrowman teases, “I’m not saying anything more, it’s a big fight and that’s it!” [].  Really, I thought these two were BFFs, after Oliver (Stephen Amell) literally gave Malcolm Merlyn (Barrowman) the Ra’s al Ghul title during the season three finale, “You’ll have to see what happens, because pretty soon a lot of things are going to change drastically.”  I believe the change will come after Nyssa (Katrina Law) makes a move to seize the league out from under Malcolm’s command (4×12).  What does this have to do with Oliver Queen? Well, keep in mind Nyssa is still married to Oliver under Nanda Parbat (3×22) law; still unclear if they got an annulment.  The writers also seem to be setting up some multi-level family angst between the Queen siblings, and Thea’s (Willa Holland) biological father.  I sustumblr_nu00u19B8v1rzkftso5_400pect both men will come to learn about Thea’s unique immunity to Damien Darhk’s (Neal McDonough) mystical powers.

Malcolm will want to use her as a weapon against Dahrk, the ghosts, and potentially even his entire family.  Not a big stretch after he had Thea kill Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) last season, safe to say there’s no line he won’t cross to seize power.  Now Oliver Queen on the other hand has come to ascertain a moral code. He may want justice for Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), and all the others Darhk has hurt, but we’re talking about Thea.  In The Return (3×14), Oliver actually talks Thea out of killing Slade Wilson (an old, formidable foe).  My point being, I really don’t think Oliver would use Thea to kill Damien, so much as neutralize him.  Speedy will definitely have to get out of the way when her father and brother comes to blows over how to take care of Darhk.  We haven’t really seen them face-off since the season one finale.tumblr_ne8q72PskS1qfw6kdo3_250

Earlier today Entertainment Weekly reported that John Barrowman will “guest star on Reign’s penultimate episode this season.” Question, why would a series regular take a guest spot on a different show?  Yes, both Arrow and Reign air on the CW, but still what really is going on here?  Maybe there are two game-changing deaths this season? I’m not entirely sold on this being a possibility, but it’s on my Arrow theory cork-board.  Also, this fight is surely to end exactly like the first one, with Merlyn being only, mostly dead.  Hypothetically if the fight and possible character death takes place then wouldn’t it happen during episode fifteen, Taken, right before another three week break?  Let’s go back to that enlightening, Marc Guggenheim Arrow 4B interview with IGN:

malcolm-merlyn-43-1426079932“The back half of the season we’re pretty much following the same structure that we have in seasons past where obviously the Big Bad gears up. That said, we’re going to throw a hard six in episode 15 that I think will surprise people.”

Well, I certainly would be surprised to discover that it’s really been Malcolm Merlyn gearing up this whole time and not Damien Darhk.  My gut tells me that the showdown between Oliver and Malcolm will happen in Code of Silence (4×14).  I mean we have Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke) coming to help Oliver find some mystical loopholes to use against Darhk.  Our hero will definitely need some help if this set photo proves to be a huge spoiler, or not?  Theoretically, the writers could title an episode, where Damien Darhk abducts Oliver’s son, Taken.  Now I don’t mean to spiral, but Malcolm Merlyn would certainly take William to use as a pawn against Oliver.  A move that causes quasi son and father to come to fatale blows.  A fight that allows the writers to temporarily move one threat from the board and allow another to enter (maybe a Wilson).  When this rematch does take place please keep in mind that Merlyn collected Vandal Savage’s ash during the epic Flash/Arrow crossover (4×8).  Malcolm Merlyn is known as “the magician“, will we see his demise, and then inevitable return as an immortal in season five?  Stay Tuned.

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