Arrow 4B: One Theory Down, Another Is Born

Jan 11, 2016

1771230-proxyWarning this post contains massive Arrow season four spoilers, including some for episodes that have not aired.

According to an exclusive interview with Arrow executive producer, Wendy Mericle the possibility of Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) becoming Oracle is “Off the Table.”  Fan theory spirals about the fate of Oliver Queen’s fiancé began to surface this past Friday, as set photos showed Felicity attending a Star City mayoral debate in a wheelchair. So, the question remains who is she really? If paying tribute to the famous Barbara Gordon Batman arc is “off the table,” then are the writers performing a bait and switch? Meet Wendy Harris (AKA Proxy), MIT graduate, with computer hacking skills on par with those of both Barbara Gordon and Felicity Smoak. Oh, I almost forgot in the comics Wendy Harris falls into a coma after a vicious attack and wakes up to discover that she’s paralyzed from the waist down.

calculatorFollowing the midseason finale cliffhanger ending many fans began to immediately make the tribute leap to Oracle, forgetting about another important piece of casting news that dropped only a few weeks earlier. Everwood alum, Tom Amandes, has been cast to appear as Noah Kuttle (AKA the Calculator) in episode twelve, Unchained. The Calculator is not only Proxy’s nemesis, but her father too.

Before I forget to mention, this casting announcement followed David Rapaport reporting that Felcity Smoak’s father has been cast. I also speculate that the Calculator potentially could be involved in Damien Darhk’s ability to control the ghosts on the show; by using the Anti-Life Equation.  Now if only I could figure out how Darhk’s Genisis plan and motherbox are connected?  The more I learn about both Proxy and the Caculator, the more excited I am to watch Arrow 4B to unfold.  Although, being a faithful team Smoak member, I pray her paralysis is only temporary.  Please leave your theories and thoughts on Arrow 4B below.

Source: TV Line