Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #73: The ‘Names are Forever’ Edition

Feb 17, 2023

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Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #73: The ‘Names are Forever’ Edition

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By: Pierre


The blockweave is growing while the price of storage remains constant on Arweave, relative to the $, no matter in which direction the value of $AR goes. From the ecosystem’s perspective, the week was normal: ArDrive and Akord pushed new features,’s ANS white list minting started, and that’s just an appetizer because a normal […]

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The blockweave is growing while the price of storage remains constant on Arweave, relative to the $, no matter in which direction the value of $AR goes.

From the ecosystem’s perspective, the week was normal: ArDrive and Akord pushed new features,’s ANS white list minting started, and that’s just an appetizer because a normal week on Arweave means that quite a lot of things have happened.

Care to know more? Dive into our current weekly report.

I. Arweave Network

The weave size just grew over 120 TB. For reference, last year, on 17th February, the entire Blockweave was “only” 48.37 TBs in size. Some would say that’s impressive, given the fact that pretty much all the last year was a cold, cold one for crypto in general.

Maybe it has to do with Arweave being “less crypto and more tech” – or at least that’s what we like to think. The fact that the floating model seems to work and the price of storage on Arweave in $ tends to remain more or less the same, despite the fluctuation of $AR – Arweave’s native token. As proof, you can check in real-time the cost of storage here .

Below is a snapshot from the time of writing the current report showing that the price of a GB declined in terms of $AR, given the increase of $AR value recorded lately, while the cost in $ remained pretty much the same as months ago, somewhere near 2$.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Permaswap goes open-source

This week marked the two months anniversary of Permaswap’s mainnet BETA launch! To celebrate this milestone, the team decided to open-source the code behind the Permaswap client, making it available to the entire community! In their own words, by open-sourcing the code, they want to assure the community about the safety of the client and to provide greater transparency into the functioning of the Permaswap network. Additionally, the community can now work together on improving and evolving the DEX into newer and better things, which is what we all hoped for! Congratulations to the team for taking this important step towards further building an open and transparent permaweb! Check out their full announcement below and see how you can help in improving the Permaswap DEX.

1/ It’s been two months since the launch of the Permaswap beta version, and now we’ve has decided to open-source the Permaswap Client. As a community-driven project, we want to engage more people with the project.

— Permaswap (@Permaswap) February 14, 2023

ArDrive goes full speed ahead!

This past week, the ArDrive team announced the release of version 1.42.0 of their ArDrive-App, which now includes QuickSync! QuickSync is a new feature that rolls up the Arweave File System (ArFS) metadata of a user’s drive into a single snapshot, making syncing times of your Drive much faster across all devices. By consolidating ArFS metadata, the syncing process becomes streamlined and more efficient. This is great news for anyone who needs to store large data sets quickly and efficiently on the permaweb. However, this will also benefit those of us who have more mundane storage needs, such as our collection of cute cat pictures. Of course, the feature is available both on web and mobile, so wherever you use ArDrive, you’re ready to get that extra sync speed.

As always, the team never does anything without an awesome video to accompany it, so check out the short tutorial they created on how to create a snapshot and start using QuickSync!

Wen faster syncing? Wen faster syncing? It’s here!

v1.42.0 of ArDrive-App is now available on Web & Mobile and introduces QuickSync – a roll up of your Drive’s ArFS metadata into a single snapshot. Meaning much faster syncing times for your Drive across your devices

— (@ardriveapp) February 15, 2023

Koii Founder Support is here to help you

Koii Network , the protocol that aims to build a better internet, has announced a new initiative this week called Koii Founder Support! The program will offer mentorship, technical support, and financial grants to help bring Web3 projects to life, with $1 million available in grants today. Koii is looking to help projects that share their vision of a more equitable internet, and they promise to provide participating teams with everything they need to get started – expert technical advice, guidance from investors, partnership opportunities, and more. In return, they’re asking for dedicated core teams that share their “marauder spirit” and a desire to build a better internet.

Koii Founder Support’s first cohort is set to launch later in February, and the available grant funds will be distributed to teams as they reach new milestones. So if you’re interested in becoming a part of Koii’s battleship to take on Big Tech, head on over to the founders’ page and fill out the form to set sail with them!


We’ve commandeered a ship to take down Big Tech – so join our fleet

Say hello to Koii Founder Support.

You’ll get first-class mentorship, technical support, & financial grants ($1M available) to bring your Web3 project to life!


— Koii Network (@KoiiNetwork) February 13, 2023

KYVE Academy is open for classes!

We could argue that the most important value of Web3 is community, and what better way to give back to the community than by providing them with the resources to learn and improve themselves? We assume that this is what KYVE had in mind when they started building the KYVE Academy , which launched this past week. According to them, there are limited resources that keep up with the constantly evolving Web3 space, so getting involved can be intimidating, especially for new users. KYVE Academy is their answer to this problem: a selection of specially curated courses and tutorials for all levels – beginner, intermediate, and expert. They cover everything from the fundamentals to use cases, blockchain/crypto 101, and dev courses. Plus, completing a course will get you a secret key that unlocks a certain amount of XP on KYVE’s Crew3 platform. Who knows what the rewards will be?

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the KYVE Academy and start your learning journey today!

1/ Ever dreamt of becoming a #Web3 thought leader? Look no further than the KYVE Academy!

We’re thrilled to announce our academy is now LIVE, spreading knowledge on KYVE & the Web3 space

Visit to start your journey today!

— KYVE is hiring (@KYVENetwork) February 16, 2023

Akord is set on delivering the “warm and fuzzies”

As we’ve come to expect, the Akord team has made some exciting new updates to their app over the past week! Users can now import files into their public vaults from any Arweave transaction, so you can collect your public files from anywhere on the weave and have them all in one Akord vault.

We just made a deployment to Akord app! Will be a few posts today on the updates…

Import a file into your public vaults from an Arweave transaction.

Collect public files from anywhere on the weave and have them in one Akord vault. Bada Bing.

— Akord (@AkordTeam) February 10, 2023

Plus, you can now go to your profile and grab your Akord wallet’s public and private keys with just a few clicks!

Here’s a much needed addition…

Go to your profile and grab your Akord wallet’s public and private keys. Bada boom.

— Akord (@AkordTeam) February 10, 2023

And to top it off, in their latest deployment, the team added drag and drop at the file level in an Akord vault. These changes make it even easier and more convenient to use the app, so there are no more excuses for not safely storing your files on the permaweb. As we’ve seen time and time again, the Akord team is committed to creating a great user experience in Web3. They are not just focusing on performance and scalability, but also delivering on the “warm and fuzzies” when interacting with the app. Check out the newly released features and stay tuned for more updates from Akord!

UX in web3 isn’t all about performance and scalability, it’s also about delivering on the warm and fuzzies when we go about the routine tasks in an app.

In the latest deployment, we added drag and drop to the file level in an Akord vault.

— Akord (@AkordTeam) February 13, 2023

ANS Mint is now LIVE!

Today was the culmination of a lot of hard work from the team at and a lot of impatient waiting from the community! It’s been a couple of crazy weeks since the official announcement of the ANS mint timeline, with rumors, leaks, and high expectations across the community. All of this has been worth it for the lucky ones who were able to secure their spot on the whitelist and mint their permanent Arweave identity!

The ANS mint live has been live for less than 2 hours, and we have already had users claim over 150 permanent Arweave identities for a total of almost 800 AR

Names like sol, gold, and anonymous are already hitting the secondary market. LFG!

mint ->

— (@decentdotland) February 17, 2023


We have to say congratulations to the team for their great work these past couple of months, and keep on building! As for those who didn’t get whitelisted, don’t worry; in less than one week, minting will be open for all the permaweb.

The mint also brought a call for reflection:

Congrats on the launch!!

Final plea for sanity on the name though: Can’t we call these ‘Arweave usernames’ or similar? This seems to be a project focused on a unique niche (usernames, not domain names), but there are multiple existing naming …

— (@samecwilliams) February 17, 2023

How should we deal with naming schemas in a decentralized environment?

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

Fortunately or not, Elon is present in the section yet again. What did he do this time? Well, apparently, he was pissed that Joe Biden’s tweet about Super Bowl got more attention than his, so he asked the devs “to do something”.

Elon Musk was upset that his tweet didn’t get as much attention during the Super Bowl as President Biden’s so he changed the algorithm.

— CNET (@CNET) February 15, 2023

Immediately after, a deluge of Musk’s tweets flooded the feeds of many Twitter users, followers, and non-followers alike.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 14, 2023

At least his self-irony is still in check. We have to give him that. A lot of users debated if it was wrong or right, moral or not. We’re definitely no jury, so we can’t claim that we can help you set the record straight in this matter.

What we know is that this won’t happen on Arweave. Arweave does not have a boss. Nobody, not even Sam Williams, the founder of Arweave, can press for a hard fork without the consensus of the network, and, subsequently, of the broader Arweave community.

IV. Arweave explained by J.R.R. Tolkien – thanks to ChatGPT

Arweave, a digital realm of enduring memory, where data is stored as securely as ancient lore in the depths of Moria.

Built upon the unbreakable foundation of the “Blockweave,” it stands as a bastion against the ravages of time and the machinations of those who would seek to corrupt or destroy it.

Like the ancient libraries of Minas Tirith, it keeps its treasures safe for eternity, and its network is as vast and far-reaching as the Undying Lands.


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