Assimilating Cannon in “Star Trek Boldly Go” #3 (Review)

Dec 13, 2016


Star Trek Boldly Go #3

Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Tony Shasteen

Star Trek Boldy Go #3 begins with Spock and Uhura joining Kirk, Sulu, Chekov and McCoy on the U.S.S. Concord. While giving chase to a Borg sphere Captain Kirk will have to violate the tenuous peace treaty with the Romulan Empire by entering their region of space. The stakes are raised with the Captain of the U.S.S. Concord and Commander Sulu’s husband and daughter aboard the Borg vessel.

In book #2, I took issue with the use of The Next Generation villains in the Kelvin timeline. That being said, in this book, writer, Mike Johnson has a pretty decent reason explaining why and how the Borg are introduced to the Federation 80-90 years ahead of the original timeline. There is also a good use of new Star Trek cannon from the 2009 movie to tie this all together. Artist, Tony Shasteen really does a great job with his depiction of the different alien races. From panel to panel you instantly know the setting (i.e. ship bridges & Romulus) by his use of colors and mood.

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Mike Johnson has really turned this arc around for me. As I learn more about the story in this issue, I can see the dominoes he was setting up the previous book. It makes it easier to start letting go of what I think are the unwritten rules for writing Trek and enjoy the story. My faith in this new series is being renewed and I am looking forward to see how this arc unfolds.

*Images Courtesy of CBR

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