Anthony Franklin

Story books and Prison Camps in “Saga #31” (Review)

Saga, #31 Image Comics Written by: Brian K. Vaughn Art by: Fiona Staples Letters and Design by: Fonografiks Coming off of a three-month hiatus, the creative team has had their first publication in what feels like significantly too long. Regarding the narrative, it has...

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Being the Hero in “Venom: Space Knight #1” (Review)

Venom: Space Knight, #1 Marvel  Written by: Robbie Thompson Art by: Ariel Olivetti Color by: Ariel Olivetti With Marvel’s most recent relaunch comes another #1 in Venom: Space Knight, featuring the writing of Robbie Thompson and the art of Ariel Olivetti. At the...

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Wonder and Intrigue Surrounds “Tokyo Ghost #3” (Review)

Tokyo Ghost #3 Image Comics Written by: Rick Remender Art by: Sean Murphy Color by: Matt Hollingsworth Tokyo Ghost #3 continues Remender’s vision of a dystopian future ruled by an addiction to technology, and it picks right up where the previous issue left off—with...

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