School’s Back in Session “Bad Kids Go 2 Hell” REVIEW

Feb 13, 2015


Bad-Kids-Go-To-Hell-2Bad Kids Go 2 Hell
Bad Kids Press

Written by: Matthew Spradlin & Barry “Bazz” Wernick
Art by: Martin Griffiths & Alex Williamson

7b23dfcd1d8e8566d79280e181e07baf_largeCrestview Academy is back in session. Please take out your number two pencil and be prepared for another tragic event to happen. This is the follow up to Bad Kids Go To Hell. Four years later we are introduced to a new set of students. Spoiled rich kids who need to spend the day in detention. It starts off with a Breakfast Club kind of feel, but within a couple of panels it gets right into something much more exciting and gruesome. Doctor Knight is the guidance counselor and also in charge of the detention. She gets locked in the janitor’s closet by Siouxsie Hess. Who happens to be a new student who obviously does not fit in with this stuck up crowd. From here on we get to watch as one student after another meet a grisly death. It reminded me of a great book by Agatha Christie called “And Then There Were None”. Matthew and Barry do a great job of giving you flashbacks of what happened previously to get where we are in this story. Just when you think you know who the killer is you turn the page and find out you couldn’t be more wrong. This is a great comic where horror meets suspense. I loved the first one and this sequel is just ten times better and a fun ending that will have you on the message boards chatting away.

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Once again Matthew and Barry do a fabulous job of bringing sex, horror, and suspense to the comic world. Just like the first comic this too will be turned into a movie which is due in theaters later on this year. The colors used in this comic are very colorful and done just right. Blending blood and fire can be hard to do but I believe they knocked it out if the park. The detail on all the students is great and makes you feel like you are a student at Crestview watching it all happen. I hope they continue on with this story and give us more delight with a touch of freight.

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