Balthazar’s Dream: PC Review

Jul 20, 2018

Balthazar’s Dream
Publisher: Psilocybe Games
Developer: Psilocybe Games

I seem to be attracted to cute looking pixel games that hide a sinister darkness within. This games surrounds a dog, Balthazar, who’s owner is in a coma after being hit by a car. In the dog’s dream, he sees the spirit of his owner ultimately be taken away by some dark entity. It is now up to him to track down his owner and rescue him – and presumably get his owner out of a coma. I’m thinking the dark entity might actually be the coma manifested into a devilish creature in Balthazar’s mind.

Anyhow! Enough speculation, here’s what we most definitely know! It’s a platforming game with traditional keyboard controls – space to jump, and WASD (or arrows) to move in different directions. You can use the F key to interact with items that can help you along the way like a ball or a stick.

But, I’m playing as a cute little doggy, what villains could I possibly come across?’

Well, I’m glad you asked. Deadly grapes and chocolates can block you, cats and boars can chase you, and in your future lies one of the deadliest antagonists of all – the MAILMAN! There’s also a really fat cat in the first chapter of the game. Apparently cats are incredibly frightened of a dog’s chew toy. If you’re one to play games to get achievements, don’t worry, there are twenty STEAM achievements to get in this game, one of which requires you to beat the game without dying once – which is extremely difficult, so if you’re a completionist, boy does this game have a challenge for you!

Personally, I’m still traversing through space to try and retrieve Balthazar’s owner’s Frisbee. He needs the scent in order to track his owner!

All in all, it’s a great game with an equally great soundtrack (which is a downloadable DLC – paid, of course).