Bannermen Review

Mar 7, 2019


The RTS genre has a long and glorious past stretching back decades. Bannermen proudly builds on that heritage using classic RTS mechanics while sprinkling in some modern concepts for waging war. Resource gathering and planning are front and center to build and maintain an empire that can not only defend itself but raze the territory of competing warlords. Gold, food, and wood are tried and true foundations upon which your empire rises or falls. These resource locations are finite and establishing multiple resource locations is paramount to long term stability.

Just like any empire you require soldiers to defend and attack as well as workers to carry out manual labor. The soldiers come in a variety of options including Knights, archers, speamen and special units that require the construction of special buildings. One monkey wrench thrown into the tried and true formula is the concept of controlling aspects of nature and the environment. On each map there are locations that if captured yield control of various weather powers. In order to control these powers your empire has to build a special temple on the site. Bannermen follows the classic RTS formula while sprinkling in some original ideas that can tilt the balance of power. If you long for the strategic satisfaction of classics bygone like Age of Empires along with some new fresh options that are well implemented I highly recommend giving Bannermen a try.

Score- 7.5