Basketful of Heads #5 (Review)

Basketful of Heads #5
DC Comics/Hill House

Words by: Joe Hill
Art by: Leomacs
Letter by: Deron Bennett
Color by: Dave Stewart

What a web of lies and craziness has been unfolding for June. The peaceful small town of Brody that she thought was safe is turning out to be the very opposite. After getting caught by Hank, she is slowly learning all the deep dark secrets of the wholesome Police Chief and his crocked ways. We still have no idea what’s going on with Liam, but the story is starting to unravel.

This issue is key as we learn finally understand the mystery surrounding the dead girl with the bag of money. This was one of the main points in the beginning as it set everything into motion. This revelation will now allow the story to focus on the Axe and its mystical powers.

Joe Hill delivers another strong issue that clarifies what is causing everything to happen. One of the things that he doesn’t do is drag out some of the smaller plot points. By just answering them, it allows the important parts of the story to develop and move forward. The background on Hank gives us the character development we needed and were missing.

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The art is strong, as we have come to expect from Leomacs. With the main story taking place in the prison cell, having to rely on flash backs and different perspectives to change the pace and to keep it moving isn’t easy. Having to have multiple different settings and themes on a page is a daunting and difficult task to accomplish. When the action does pick up, it doesn’t feel out of place and perfectly leads up to it.

Basketful of Heads delivers on moving the story and not laying stagnant on one theme or topic. Many series have a hard time with transitioning to the conclusion or end of the story arch. Basket handles it properly as now we have June up to speed with everything and her focusing on changing to the main target.

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