Review: Batman ’66 #5

Nov 25, 2013


Written By: Jeff Parker

Art By: Ruben Procopio

I’m a big Marvel fan, but once a month I’m running to the store to pick up a DC Comic. This month, it was Batman ’66.

This comic (based off of the TV show from the sixties) takes me back to my childhood. It was a time where I would lie down in front of the TV (and I mean inches away from the TV) so that I could watch Batman and Robin clean-up Gotham City and make me proud. As a kid I was always bummed when the episode was not about the familiar villains like Joker, Riddler, etc. Nowadays I want to see the unfamiliar foes, something that this issue provides me.

Enter Dr. Somnambula (The Sandman). It was great to see the Sandman once again. We only got to see him in two episodes of the TV show, so reading this comic was like getting another episode. The story-line was very simple but it was a fun read. If you are looking for complicated plots or a lot of dialogue that makes you think, then this comic is not for you. This fact is why I love it! Just Batman, Robin, and the usual cast of characters. With campy humor and bizarre situations that is unlike other DC comics.

The artwork is also done with a flare of fun. The features of The Sandman make him look evil but also like-able. When you think of The Sandman you think of his long fur coat. Well, in this issue, it looks like something out of a Children’s Nyquil commercial.

As a bonus we get another comic titled “The Tail of the Tiger Topaz.”  This one features Catwoman who looks just like Eartha Kitt. This story-line features the debut of Batgirl. If you are not a fan of Adam West and Burt Young then please move on and buy another comic. If you are like me and loved the TV show, then rush out and get this comic!