Batman Beyond #34 (REVIEW)

Jul 24, 2019

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Batman Beyond #34
DC Comics

Written by: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Rick Leonardi
Inks by: Ande Parks
Colors by: Chris Sotomayor
Letters by: Travis Lanham

(Warning: features spoilers for Batman Beyond #34.)

At the end of Batman Beyond #33, we knew someone would have to identify Terry wasn’t actually Terry. Given his past, it seemed Bruce would be the one to figure it all out, despite what he’d just gone through with False Face himself. He did figure out the truth, but False Face pretty much had to serve it to Bruce on a silver platter.

Something trivial, like Terry entering Wayne Manor through a window as opposed to Bat Cave, might not set off internal alarms in Bruce’s mind initially. Given his advanced age, that’s fair. But when more than one thing pops up, like a report indicating batman had killed someone — which is, admittedly, not all that trivial — you would think the greatest detective of all time could put two and two together, especially with what’s gone on prior.

Meanwhile, Terry has another whole mess on his hands. It looks like he’s about to find himself in jail, unless Matt can somehow swoop in to get the police off his back. It was an interesting decision to have Terry temporarily buddy-up with a criminal. It wouldn’t have been the worst thing if Dan Jurgens sent them on a crime spree, with False Face stealing Terry’s memories and all. But he proved False Face can’t affect the fiber of the people he impacts.

Next issue should be a good one with Splitt and fake-Batman teaming up.

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