Batman: Beyond the White Knight #2: DC Comics RevieW

Apr 25, 2022

Mad Cave Studios


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How can things get worse for Bruce in Batman: Beyond the White Knight? He now has to deal with the sudden appearance of Jack from the grave. As he starts gathering a plan of action, he needs to figure out how to stop Derek Powers and the GTO from using and exploiting the Beyond suit. All while also solving how Joker can still be alive. 

Bruce, Batman

DC Comics/ Black Label
Writing and Art by Sean Murphy
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by ANDWORLD Desing

In this issue, Bruce, Dick and Terry are forced to deal with demons from their past. Bruce is trying to stop Derek Powers from exploiting the stolen bat suit while figuring out how the Joker is back, and Dick is coming to terms with his choices and stepping away from Barbara and the Bat Family. Terry is working on completing his late father’s project while trusting Derek Powers to lead him in the right direction. 

With how massive the previous White Knight stories have been, Batman: Beyond the White Knight has been able to keep pace with them. With the three main themes balanced, it is impressive that each section works with the other and doesn’t come off as forced or overly exploitative. The only problem with the story is that the two issues end on a cliffhanger. 

With Murphy being the primary force behind the story and art, the consistency from issue to issue is a marvel. One of the major highlights of the art is with Jack and Bruce, and their shadows mirror their alter ego. With Batman: Beyond the White Knight #2’s primary focus on the characters, the background can blend in, allowing it to complement that story. 

Final Thoughts

With everything playing out slowly, Murphy can focus on each character and how they have changed over time. We see how characters have drifted apart and some spicy revelations at the end. My previous concerns from issue one are still relevant as Terry’s storyline seems to be more of an afterthought with little growth. With Batman Beyond in the title, we can hope future issues will focus on him, his father’s work, and the Beyond suit.

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