Batman: Ninja Cast Interviews

Mar 27, 2018

During WonderCon, Chris Pirri had the chance to sit down with WB Home Entertainment’s Batman: Ninja cast including Tony Hale (The Joker), Roger Craig Smith (Batman), Tom Kenny (Penguin), Fred Tatasciore (Gorilla Grodd/Deathstroke), Eric Bauza (Two-Face), Yuri Lowenthal (Robin/Red Hood), Adam Croasdell (Alfred Pennyworth/Nightwing), and English writers Leo Chu and Eric Garcia.

Roger Craig Smith (Batman) & Fred Tatasciore (Gorilla Grood/Deathstroke)

Tony Hale (The Joker)

Eric Bauza (Two-Face) & Tom Kinney (Penguin)

Yuri Lowenthal (Robin/Red Hood)

Adam Croasdell (Alfred Pennyworth/Nightwing)

Leo Chu & Eric Garcia (English Writers)

*Video Production by: @CBNostalgia