A Journey Through Hell with Batman: The Killing Joke’s Ray Wise (Interview)

Jul 31, 2016


This year at Comic-Con Hall H was not the only place generating a lot of excitement. Friday night in Ballroom 20 was creating quite a buzz among the attendees. This is because of DC’s new animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke which was premiering. One of the best graphic novels involving Batman and his arch-nemesis The Joker. What was also unique about this film was the rating it received. Usually most animated films get a G, PG, or maybe a PG-13 rating. Not this one, it was bumped up to a R rating. Sure with the content of the graphic novel I understand. The question is would the world comprehend it, and would they go see it.


The answer is yes! They came out in herds.

At the SDCC premiere we spoke with the cast of Batman: The Killing Joke including, Commissioner Gordon, Ray Wise. In the interview the esteemed character actor talks about Gordon’s journey through hell and what it took to bring this film to life. He also complements his fellow cast and their dedication to the characters and story.

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