Batman: Reptilian #6 (REVIEW)

Nov 22, 2021

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Batman: Reptilian #6

Ultimately, Garth Ennis’ Batman: Reptilian is a book for non-Batman fans. Nothing wrong with that, aside from the fact the character is one of the best-selling in all of comics. But I largely liked the idea of Batman being turned into a more villainous being who’s terrorizing his rogues as much as the people they’re targeting.

DC Comics
Written by: Garth Ennis
Art by: Liam Sharp

Things got a little odd in the middle with some of the Killer Croc stuff, but Ennis ultimately landed the plan, making this a solid series. Because with Batman: Reptilian #6, Ennis gets back to doing what he did in the first place: turning Batman into a monster.

I do think this might’ve been received better if this were an indie series instead. Of course, that would make it hard to get readers invested for other reasons, but it may have been easier to accept the idea of someone like Batman being a monster rather than Bruce Wayne himself. Still, it felt like DC gave Ennis a lot of room to work with this series. Maybe we don’t see DC do this with Batman again, but it’s promising with regard to their approach to Black Label series in the future.

As for the art, Liam Sharp’s work has been reflective of the story’s tone from start to finish. The water colors made things a bit confusing in certain spots, but that was largely an effective choice. Would love to see this pair get another shot at flipping another beloved DC character on their head

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