Batman: Urban Legends #2 (REVIEW)

Apr 13, 2021

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Batman: Urban Legends #2
DC Comics

Written by: Chip Zdarsky; Cecil Castellucci; Brandon Thomas; Matthew Rosenberg
Art by: Eddy Barrows with Eber Ferreira & Julio Ferreira; Marguerite Sauvage; Max Dunbar; Ryan Benjamin
Colors by: Adriano Lucas; Marguerite Sauvage; Luis Guerrero; Antonio Fabela
Letters by: Becca Carey; Steve Wands; Saida Temofonte

Batman: Urban Legends is the best Jason Todd stuff Red Hood fans have gotten in a long time. Joshua Williamson’s work with the character in Future State was very good, but Chip Zdarsky and this team of artists — Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira and Julio Ferreira, with Marcus To on the flashbacks — have the character completely back on track.

Now, that’s not to say Red Hood is on the straight and narrow. Sure, he’s trying to do some good, but he’s back to acting on emotion. In Batman: Urban Legends’ Batman-Red Hood story, that’s resulted in a serious mess. And while Batman can improve the status of almost any situation when he’s involved, his help tends to have an inverse effect when he’s trying to work with Red Hood.

But Red Hood’s fingerprints aren’t limited to Zdarsky’s story. Can’t say more than that without spoiling things. (We’ll get to that a little later.)

Brandon Thomas’ Outsiders story and Matthew Rosenberg’s Grifter story continue in Batman: Urban Legends #2. Each took an interesting turn, proving once again this title is something all DC fans can enjoy.

There’s also an Oracle story featured in Batman: Urban Legends #2. One would think we’ll see more of her in that role after what we saw in Future State. Cecil Castellucci story in this issue appears to be a one-off, but maybe it’s just the beginning.

Last thing before spoilers: Batman: Urban Legends #2 has some serious covers. While I’m tempted to go with the Red Hood vs. Batman main cover by Hicham Hibachi, Francesco Mattina’s Grifter-Red Hood cover is intense.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Batman: Urban Legends #2 ahead.)

This is a big one. Again, don’t read this if you haven’t finished Batman: Urban Legends #2.

All right…

Red Hood vs. Grifter is an idea I never knew I needed in my life. But their relationship can’t end when Batman: Urban Legends concludes.

Right now, they’re at odds. Works for me, let’s keep it that way for the rest of this story. But when Batman: Urban Legends is done — assuming there’s no point-of-no-return nonsense — there needs to be a discussion about these two teaming up. Doesn’t mean they become best buds, but I need to see these two red-masked vigilantes in more stories together.

Score: 9.5