Batman: Urban Legends #4 (REVIEW)

Jun 8, 2021

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Batman: Urban Legends #4
DC Comics

Written by: Chip Zdarsky; Camrus Johnson; Meghan Fitzmartin; Matthew Rosenberg
Art by: Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira with Marcus To; Loyiso Mkize and Trevor Scott; Belen Ortega; Ryan Benjamin
Colors by: Adriano Lucas; Andrew Dalhouse; Alejando Sanchez; Antonio Fabela
Letters by: Becca Carey; Trow Peteri; Pat Brosseau; Saida Temoronte

Matthew Rosenberg has stolen the show with his Grifter story. That’s not to say Chip Zdarsky’s Red Hood story has been very good as the Batman: Urban Legends leadoff. But between the writing, Ryan Benjamin artwork fitting the character so well and all the cameos we keep getting, the Grifter story has taken over as my favorite from this series.That could change by the next issue, which is a testament to the pillars of Batman: Urban Legends.

As for the other books in Batman: Urban Legends #4, it looks like Meghan Fitzmartin has something brewing with the Tim Drake story. The third Robin will be featured in the next two issues of Batman: Urban Legends. Based on what we got in the first chapter of Fitzmartin, there’s going to be a significant development with the character.

There’s also a Luke Fox/Batwing one-off in Batman: Urban Legends #4. As John Ridley continues to develop the Fox family further while telling Jace Fox’s story, this insight into the mind of Luke gives us a little perspective on the brothers’ relationship. Also, I appreciate the decision Batwing makes at the end of the story. (More in the spoilers section.) Some excellent writing from Camrus Johnson.

(WARNING: Spoilers for Batman: Urban Legends #4 ahead.)

I never would’ve thought I’d say, “That was the right decision to let Killer Croc go,” yet here we are. He made his case to Batwing, and as much as there was a physical altercation in the course of the conversation, I felt like Croc was a victim in this instance before Luke decided to let him go.

As for Grifter: we’ve got Deathstroke and Wildcats cameos! Oh, and a certain Man of Steel decided to show his face in Gotham. “The Long Con,” has been so much fun. Rosenberg, Benjamin and the rest of this team need a shot at a Grifter ongoing story after their work in Batman: Urban Legends.

Score: 9.5

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