Best Video Games of 2022 – Brian Villar

Dec 31, 2022

With 2022 coming to a close, here are Brian Villar’s top 3 games this year.

Tunic (March 16, 2022)
Finji Games

Tunic was initially announced back at E3 2017 to a fantastic fan fair. After a 5-year wait, it dropped, and it did not disappoint. With many highly anticipated games failing to hit expectations, Tunic was one of the few that managed to overachieve. It garnered three nominations at the 2022 Game awards for Best Indie Game, Best Debut Indie Game, and Best Action/Adventure Game. Just think Legend of Zelda with a Fox! 

Disney Dreamlight Valley (August 23, 2022)

One game that came out of left field for me was Disney Dreamlight Valley. As a Disney fan, I was hesitant about the premise at first. After seeing my wife play it, I was hooked. Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation adventure with Disney characters. This game is one of my favorites because you don’t need to play every day, and taking breaks doesn’t punish you. Being able to go at your own pace to complete quests and special events. I have often lost myself in it and felt more relaxed and at ease. 

Stray (July 19, 2022)
Blue Twelve Studios 

The premise of Stray is unique as the main character is an ordinary cat. Playing as a cat lost in an underground cybernetic world and trying to return to the surface. Stray is unique in how you must think and act like a cat throughout the game. You can knock over items, purr, and meow to complete puzzles. Nominated for six awards, including Game of the Year, and winning 2 for Best Indie Game and Debut Indie. Awards alone, Stray is a fantastic game, especially for fans of Cats.