Beta Impressions: Dauntless

Dauntless recently launched a closed beta for Founder’s and select media. I’m one of the lucky media folks that was provided a key by Fortyseven Communications on behalf of developer Phoenix Labs. I did have an opportunity to participate in the Alpha a few months back. I can’t put my finger on the exact changes that have come to the beta, but Dauntless has certainly improved. Betas are not finished products and Dauntless certainly has more ground to cover before it’s ready for general availability in 2018.

What I’m digging about Dauntless is theĀ Monster Hunter-like gameplay. You create a champion and immediately are tasked with slaying a monster. Each monster has strong and weak points, multiple attack patterns and unique designs. As a solo hunter (but you should group if you can) you have to master your weapons and gear and learn the correct approach to slaying the monster before you. In the beta you are guided through this process in the early game. During that time, you’ll enjoy the fun sounds that honestly remind me of what Nintendo bakes into their consoles. It’s a great touch on an MMO that can feel repetitive. Although in a pretty world.

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