Beware The Borg in “Star Trek Boldly Go” #2 (REVIEW)

Nov 10, 2016


st_boldlygo02-coverStar Trek Boldly Go #2

Written by: Mike Johnson
Art by: Tony Shasteen

Issue #1 of this series did an excellent job setting the table, letting the reader know when and where in the Star Trek universe our main characters are. With that taken care of we can start getting to the meat of this story arch. We ended last issue with Uhura and Spock on sabbatical on New Vulcan. The U.S.S. Concord under the interim command of Captain James T Kirk racing off to answer a distress call from Commander Sulu of the U.S.S. Endeavour. Kirk finds that the saucer section of the Endeavour has been taken with most of it’s crew and a disheveled Sulu left behind with what remains of his ship. Sulu said that the attackers called themselves the Borg.st_boldlygo_02-pr_page7_image7

This is where the Kelvin Timeline starts to lose the hard core Star Trek fan. The writer has all these great characters and since the universe reset in the 2009 movie, Kirk and his crew can be put in any number of possible adventures. Instead of coming up with something new, our hero’s are now facing a antagonist pulled from the “The Next Generation (TNG)” Star Trek series that does not take place until 80-90 years after Kirk’s time.

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This may be the grumblings of a long time Trekker. I understand the appeal of having the Kirk’s crew face off against a TNG foe. I was just hopeful that the different era’s of Star Trek would left separate. All that aside. When I take my Trek glasses off the story its self is pretty decent and the art stays on point. This book still scratches my Trek itch. I am just hoping for a better direction in future issues.


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