Beware The Reign Of Superman “Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Five #1” (Review)

Jan 6, 2016

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Injustice-Gods-Among-Us-Year-Five-1Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Five #1
DC Comics

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Mike S. Miller & Iban Coello
Colors by: J. Nanjan

The final year of Injustice Gods Among Us is finally upon us as we draw closer to the events of the game. Spinning directly out of of Tom Taylor’s Injustice: Year Four Annual, Superman and his regime are tearing a path around the world to collect the villains whom were set free by Plastic Man. While the regime is collecting bad guys so is Batman as he tries to bring together a team of super-powered individuals, heroes and villains alike to make one last stand against the Reign of The Superman.

Action and intrigue fill the pages of this issue as Superman exerts his might and the Caped Crusader lingers in the shadows. Its a great juxtaposition as writer Brian Buccellato displays so much character and story through the actions of these two opposing forces. Year Five #1 acts a good reminder of the story so far and also does a good job of pushing the story forward as well. Buccellato balances the plot in character dialogue and seamlessly integrates necessary information back into the story to help new readers. My only complaint would be the unnecessary fight between Parasite and Hal Jordan as this seems to just be filler and didn’t really serve the story. The only thing it showed us is that the regime is pretty much incapable of taking down major villains without Superman’s help, which really down plays their capabilities.

Injusty5 1

Mike S. Miller and Iban Coello are both pulling art duties its gorgeous. This is a testament to J. Nanjan’s amazing and vibrant color work and collaborative effort of Miller & Coello’s maintain harmony throughout the story. Either way its beautiful, bold and bombastic. I love it. Even though our story is as dark as it can get the art still reflects the colorful nature of DC and its characters. The pencil work is clear and concise allowing the action to be showcased properly while also giving dialogue scenes emotion and urgency. Injustice’s art team has nailed the ascetic and made every panel worth a second and even third look.

injustice5 3

Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Five #1 is a bitter sweet first issue as it marks the beginning of the end of one of DC Comic’s most critically acclaimed books. Buccellato offers both a look back, while pushing us forward, while Miller, Coello and Nanjan’s art impresses with its clarity and color. If you haven’t been reading Injustice this maybe the perfect place to start.