Bill & Ted Save the Universe #1 REVIEW

Jun 20, 2017

Mad Cave Studios


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  1. Bill & Ted Save the Universe #1 (of 5)
    BOOM! Studios

Written by: Brian Joines
Art by: Bachan
Cover Artist: Derek Charm

They have had an Excellent Adventure and a Bogus Journey.  They have even Gone to Hell.  What could be left for two of the best buds in the world to do?  They have to Save the Universe, of course!  In this 5 part series, we join Bill & Ted once again for a wild (or is it Wyld) ride.  If you enjoy the Bill and Ted movies, you will love this new story.  It has a nice, nostalgic feel to it without feeling like it is trapped in the past.

All of the characters we know and love are in here.  We are also introduced to a few new and lesser know people.  This issue is packed in hits 24 pages with all kinds of action and questions.  Who is this Sheena girl that Ted’s brother Deacon brought to the party?  And what is up with Death’s… what is she, his girlfriend?  And who will save Bill and Ted when they go missing?

The only thing that does not work for me in the art style of the book.  I know that BOOM! Studios tends to use a vibrant color pallet and cartoonist characters.  Techniques like this really work for Adventure Time and Power Rangers, but it kind of takes away from this story.  While I was not looking for anything gritty realism, I did hope for something a little more 1990s.  Maybe something more reminiscent of early X-Men would have worked.

All in all, I believe this comic is worth buying.  While the art does not grab me, the story is very interesting.  I will be keeping up with Bill and Ted, and their adventures!  And do not forget, be excellent to each other, dudes!

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