Bitcoin Online Gambling Is on the Rise — Here Is Why

Apr 7, 2021


Passionate gamblers know that there is nothing quite like playing casino games for real money. However, to be able to do this, you have to deposit a certain amount into your casino account. While players have been using fiat currencies to fund their online casino gambling for decades, a new trend in banking methods has appeared that shows no tendency of slowing down.

Why has Bitcoin become so popular for online casino payments, and why is the number of Bitcoin casinos on the rise? Today we’ll answer these questions and show you why switching to cryptocurrency can be beneficial for your favorite pastime. Read on!

Safety and Security

Most online casinos require that you share some kind of personal identification document to verify your age. On top of that, since you’re almost always using intermediary services that process your payments, the casino will also ask you for banking information and even utility bills to confirm your physical address. When we take into account the frequent stories we hear about cyber attacks and security breaches, we’re left feeling extremely vulnerable to identity theft and other types of abuse of sensitive personal information.

Well, with Bitcoin payments, you can rest assured — this cryptocurrency operates on a fully decentralized system, meaning that no intermediary banks are involved in your transactions. You can simply transfer the desired Bitcoin value to the casino’s Bitcoin address without sharing any details other than the address of your Bitcoin wallet. Apart from keeping your banking information safe, you will also protect your personal info this way, as Bitcoin transactions leave no trace of your identity. 


Many online casino lovers consider privacy one of their top priorities when gambling online. This is because gambling is considered a personal habit and leisure time activity, so nobody wants government authorities like the IRS snooping around their casino accounts. However, this is difficult to avoid when you’ve tied your personal and banking information to your casino account.

As we’ve already mentioned, you can make Bitcoin transactions without the need to share any of your personal details. This means that your transaction history and the records of your winnings and losses will be available only to you. What’s more, there will be no way for any third parties to trace your casino activities back to you. 

No Geolocation-Based Restrictions

Laws and regulations pertaining to the legality of online gambling differ from country to country  — or even from state to state. Since traditional online casinos have to abide by these laws, they must refuse players accessing their websites from jurisdictions where online gambling is prohibited. 

With Bitcoin casinos, this problem is a thing of the past. Since you don’t have to reveal any personal information, you cannot be banned from a casino based on your location. What’s more, you can use a temporary email address and a VPN service for an additional layer of security and convenience. This way, you can enjoy fast and easy transactions with minimal fees and play your favorite casino games anytime and from any place in the world. 

Generous Bitcoin Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are nothing new. In fact, every good online platform knows that attractive and generous bonuses are some of the main features players look at when choosing where to try their luck. Since online casinos are constantly adding state-of-the-art features, such as new and improved software, recently-released games, and, as we’ve seen, payment methods, many bonuses and promotions are tied to these novelties. 

Therefore, if they are striving to become the best Bitcoin casino, it makes sense for them to include some very open-handed Bitcoin bonuses, which will encourage players to use this cryptocurrency. Besides, with Bitcoin value constantly on the rise, bonus Bitcoin offers can often become even more rewarding.

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