blade runner: origins #6 (review)

Sep 17, 2021



Blade Runner Origins #6 cover Art for review


Detective Cal Mareaux was last seen in a sticky situation in the final panels of issue 5 in Blade Runner Origins. The journey back to the slums of Cal`s former stomping ground was not a warm welcome by any stretch of the imagination. Issue six begins with a replicant on the rampage and a new incident within the Tyrell Corporation, adding more depth and deeper character building. In a story rich and diverse, Mareaux’s journey continues.

By: Titan Comics

Written By: K.Perkins and Mellow Brown
Art By: Fernando Dagnino
Colors By: Marco Lesko
Letters by: Jim Campbell

Whats the scoop in #6

The journey continues in this rollercoaster sci-fi ride. Ilora Sthal has another problem to deal with inside the Tyrell Corporation, which leads to a confrontation with sergeant Gutman. Divina has information that she shares with Asa and Marcus that might help with the investigation. She and Marcus have an insightful conversation, allowing Marcus to accept Asa to a degree. Cal seems to be in a world of trouble. Desiree and friends seem to think that Mareaux is a lap dog for Tyrell and trying to force an answer out of him by any means necessary. But Mareaux isn’t an easy target, which they soon realize. In the end, Cal gets his conversation with Desiree.

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The art

The art continues to complement the world of Blade Runner. The aesthetic and feel of each panel throughout the series so far are spot on. Yes, these are the early days of the world that we came to love in the original movie. But from issue 1 panel 1, you knew exactly which domain you were entering, and Dagnino(art) and Lesko (Colors) has not missed a beat. To bring a world to life through artwork is nothing short of amazing. The amazing feat they have managed to accomplish here makes you think this is a living breathing world, awaiting you when you open your front door.

THE Story

The way that Blade Runner Origins handle difficult topics and actual struggles that we see around us every day is truly the star of this epic series. Yes, this is written to play off in 2009. However, it tackles real-world issues in a way that perfectly compliments the plot. And this makes it relatable. This is not just another generic story. It is fresh and intriguing and perfectly fits into the cyberpunk noir world of Blade Runner. Mareaux is a brilliant and complex character, a man’s man. In the society that we live in today, superhero takes precedence in books films and everyday life, replacing the era of the action hero. Cal Mareaux is the rebirth of our era`s action hero.

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