Blayne’s Cosplay Shows His Love for Comics and Video Games

Nov 12, 2014

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Name: Blayne (Indofear)

City: Bakersfield, CA




Photographer(s): Deadpool Beach & Edward Kenway Water
Deadpool lifting Hammer and “Ghost” versus Cyclops – Thor is my girlfriend
Edward Kenway with sword
Full Body Deadpool

What was your first Cosplay Experience?:
My first Cosplay experience was back in July 2013 when I entered an online Cosplay contest with a pieced together Lt. Simon “Ghost” Riley costume I used as a Halloween costume previously. Although this is the case, I had somewhat followed Cosplaying going back to late 2010 and have been into dressing up in costumes for Halloween events since I was a kid.

How long have you been Cosplaying?:
I have been Cosplaying officially now for almost a year and a half.

Who or What inspired you to take up Cosplaying?:
I already enjoyed helping make large Halloween parties and mazes with friends and I’ve been dressing up since I was a kid so I’ve grown up with the costuming aspect of Cosplay. In terms of finally going to a convention, I have had family members and friends going to San Diego Comic Con and other conventions over the last 10 years or so. I just finally decided to go to a local convention last year after hearing about it. I ended up reconnecting with some old friends there and shortly after I went to Comikaze Expo 2013 with some family.

If you had to pick a favorite Cosplay you have worn or have seen someone else wear, what would it be?:
I can’t really pick one over the other. My X-Force Deadpool has been getting the most love lately, but my Lt. Simon “Ghost” Riley is what I was originally recognized the most for as well as my Edward Kenway.

If you had unlimited funds and resources, what Cosplay would you create?:
This is a tough question. There’s two that I really want to do that will probably cost a lot of time and money and that’s my dream Cosplay which is a Ghost from the Star Craft universe, but I also want to do Imperius from Diablo 3.

What advice would you offer others who are aspiring Cosplayers?:
Have fun and follow your dreams! It’s all about fun! I’ve met a lot of amazing people, including my now girlfriend through Cosplay! You can really positively impact multitudes of people through this hobby so it pays to be positive! 🙂

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