Blizzard releases BTS video of Overwatch’s “Rise and Shine” video

Sep 6, 2017

Need more Mei in your life?

Previously, we learned about Mei’s tragic past and rise to heroism in the latest animated short, “Rise and Shine.” Now fans can learn about the inspiration behind Mei’s story in the behind-the-scenes video with the Overwatch and Blizzard Animation team.

Check out the making of “Rise and Shine”:

As a longtime fan of the Ice queen, Mei’s backstory has been long-overdue and I, for one, am glad to see a character profile focused on her backstory. Overwatch’s character videos are so in-depth and so well done, It actually raises hope that maybe one day we will see an actual Overwatch film. Please, Blizzard?

And if you missed the original “Rise and Shine” short, check it out below: