Bloodborne – Joe’s First Try

Bloodborne – Joe’s First Try

I love the “Souls” games. But I’m terrible at them. Recently on Gaming @ 30, Stu made a compelling case for why I should try Bloodborne – a spiritual successor/tangent of the Souls series, by the same developer. I was honestly nervous to stream my very first attempt, so below you can watch my second attempt. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


The pace at which Bloodborne is played is more my style than the Souls games. I feel that I have more control and I’m approaching the game with 3 things in mind:

  1. First, I will master the controls. I feel close.
  2. Then I shall memorize the attack and movement patterns of the bad guys. This includes the sounds they make before starting certain attacks.
  3. Finally, I shall learn the map. Prior to streaming I was able to find a doorway where I can pin 2 very large and menacing beasts and then attack them without taking any damage. Maybe that’s cheating….
Joe Barhoum

Joe was born and raised in Portland, OR. As an illegitimate son of Zeus, Joe sometimes struggles with his humanity vs. his divinity. As a self proclaimed “health-nut” Joe drinks half his weight in protein shakes a day, and it is not uncommon for him to run for days, sometimes covering hundreds of miles.

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