“Bloodlines” #1 The Birth of New Heroes (Review)

Apr 6, 2016

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Bloodlines01-a4d20Bloodlines #1 
DC Comics

Written by: J.T. Krul
Art by: V. Ken Marion
Color by: Andrew Dalhouse

DC is in a weird spot right now. New 52 is warping into REBIRTH and we are in a bit of a transition period. so what better time to try something new and revive an old 90’s title few may remember. Bloodlines returns to the pages of DC for a 6 issue mini series that offers a new band of heroes the opportunity to earn our affection.

Bloodlines #1 introduces us to Eddie, a young high school boy who is battling with a crippling decease. Eddie struggles not only with the decease itself but with the way it makes people perceive him. It’s a very introspective dynamic and allows our character to have even more depth. Despite his disease and his trouble dealing with it, Eddie’s life is fairly normal until one night at a high school kegger. During the party a horrific beast attacks and to save his friend Eddie turns into something big, blue, and powerful.

Bloodlines #1 doesn’t tread any new literary ground and explores similar ideas that appear in BLDLN_1_16_600-copyMark Millar’s Superior. Krul does a great job of introducing us to and making us care for Eddie but not without a speed bump or two. One moment in particular in which he cuts in a series of short introductions to what I assume will be our other New Bloods team members. This scene in particular feels out of place and interrupts the flow of Eddie’s story.

Krul gives us a pretty standard origin story but leaves the door open for some interesting future character developments for Eddie down the road with Bloodlines‘ final pages. If the story does come across as a little too generic the art is definitely worth finishing the 20 pages. Ken Marion’s pencils project a very anime aesthetic with a bit of western subtly. Marion’s art is dynamic, detailed and beautiful but it’s taken to the next level thanks to Andrew Dalhouse’s bright and emotionally aware color pallet.

Bloodlines #1 is a great comic for new readers as the barrier to entry is broken and you have the luxury of meeting and growing with characters as they come to life for the first time. Avid comic readers may have heard this origin before but the art used to tell it makes every panel worth a read.