Sep 20, 2021

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Blowback review

Marines, Pirates, and Revolutionaries. What more can geekdom ask for in a single book. Dreams do come true only if it is in your imagination. If you have the imagination, you will find yourself transported on this thrill ride through the ages. Welcome to BLOWBACK!

A quick synopsis. U.S Marines on a routine mission find themselves transported to 1776 after hitting a storm in the Bermuda Triangle.

Written by: James Hereth and Ronda Smiley
Art by: Kev Hopgood
Letters by: Kev Hopgood
Colors by: Charlie Kirchoff

The Story.

When a group of Marines finds themselves transported through a wormhole to 1776 in the Bermuda Triangle. They must stand firm, band together, and find a way back to their own time. Easier said than done.  As they don’t have the technological advantage of their period to assist them. First, they are transported to the start of the American revolution. Luckily they befriend a group of rebels eager to help them on their journey of escaping this time. Secondly, there is a World War II-era destroyer hell bent on stoping the Revolution before it gets started. The rag-tag team of Marines has to find a way home without changing history in the process.

The Art.

Kev Hopgood (Art) and Charlie Kirchoff (colors) bring this epic time-traveling revolutionary rollercoaster to life. For an indie, this is some amazing work and you can see the passion shine through in each panel. From the present-day air carriers to the impressive illustrations of the ships, especially the transformed World War II Destroyer. There is amazing detail to be found in each panel.

Characters are drawn exceptionally well with great care and attention to detail. The art style is perfectly suited for this fun-filled adventure.

The overall experience.

Writers James Hereth and Rhonda Smiley deliver a believable piece of fiction. This book feels and reads like a good Friday night action flick. With brilliant dialogue, on-point one-liners and a good cast of characters, you will find yourself flipping through the pages holding your breath in anticipation for what is next. The pacing of the plot is perfect never revealing too much or too little but just enough to keep you intrigued.

Overall for an indie, I found it enjoyable and surprisingly well done. This is a must-read for fans of Pirates, Marines and, Time Travel.

You can purchase the book on Amazon or ComiXology

Score: 7.5