Blumhouse & Leigh Whannell’s ‘Invisible Man’ Enlists Cinematographer Stefan Duscio (‘Jungle,’ ‘Upgrade’)

May 5, 2019

The upcoming Universal & Blumhouse film ‘The Invisible Man’ has enlisted cinematographer Stefan Duscio. Leigh Whannell will serve as producer, writer, and director of this reboot.

Duscio and Whannel will be reuniting for this film, as they were together for last year’s ‘Upgrade.’ He also shot the 2014 film ‘The Mule,’ which both starred and was co-written by Whannell. Duscio’s other credits include Greg McLean’s ‘Jungle,’ and the upcoming ‘The Dry,’ from Robert Connolly.

Elisabeth Moss (‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘Us’) is onboard to portray Cecilia Kass.

Meanwhile, Armie Hammer (‘The Social Network,’ ‘Sorry to Bother You’) and Alexander Skarsgård (‘Big Little Lies,’ ‘The Little Drummer Girl’) are the top choices to play the titular character.

The role of Adrian Griffin, aka The Invisible Man, is below:

“A billionaire sociopath who made his money by developing an invisibility suit for the Department of Defense.”

Johnny Depp was originally going to portray the character, but he is no longer part of the film. However, he may be featured in another one of the monster movie projects in development. (But let’s hope not.)

This is the first step in the plan to bring creative directors with distinctive visions to the classic Universal monsters characters. In other words, the studio mercy killed the interconnected ‘Dark Universe.’

The decision comes after ‘The Mummy’ underperformed at the box office. This led to the studio taking a new look at the strategy for the remaining monster characters. This includes ‘Frankenstein,’ ‘Dracula,’ ‘The Wolfman,’ and ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon.’

Further, it is unknown what other projects are in development, or which people are currently making pitches to Universal.

According to Production Weekly, ‘The Invisible Man’ will begin filming this July. However, That Hashtag Show states it will start this May.

What we do know, however, is that the film is indeed in pre-production.

‘The Invisible Man’ does not have a release date yet.

Source: Stefan Duscio