Bonehead #4 Review

Sep 18, 2018

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Bonehead #4
Image Comics 

Created By: Machine 56
Written By: Bryan Edward Hill
Art By: Rhoald Marcellius
Colors By: Sakti Yuwono
Lettered By: Jaka Ady

It’s been a few months now since the last issue of Bonehead but now we finally have the last issue of the arc and it ends up being quite a thrilling end. This time we really get to see what Hideki is like when he plays the role as Blackdeath. The issue opens up with him fighting a drug gang leader known as Rex. He’s a big muscle guy but controls a very large part of the territory here. Rex isn’t along though as he has his gang of thugs trying to help takedown Blackdeath as well.

This part of the issue is great because we’re seeing why Blackdeath was so well known but things aren’t going his way completely. Eventually, the fight breaks out into a huge brawl as 56 (who we still know little about) shows up with some friends to give a helping hand. By the end of it all, Hideki is at a certain path in his life now where he has to try and decide what will actually work to help make this city, his home a much better place. Even though 56 was the character we started out with, this arc really ended up being about Hideki and I think his struggles of trying both ways in his life of helping the city shows how difficult it is to really say how either side is the better way.

The art team really had a lot of fun with this issue. All the designs for all the characters that appeared looked great, especially all of the different helmet designs we get to see. They did a great job emphasizing all of the high-speed movement, especially since all of their skills revolve around parkour moves. The dialogue flows really well and never felt confusing on who was talking, especially during a few pages in the fighting panels. When you finish the issue, you’re left with a satisfying ending to the immediate problem they were all facing and introduced to a couple of great characters with a mission they still need to continue forward in. The extra characters we meet look fun and will want you to see them more. Hopefully we will see a return of Bonehead for as satisfying this arc is, there is still a lot more to come.