Booster Gold/The Flintstones Annual #1 Review

Mar 29, 2017


Booster Gold/The Flintstones Special #1
DC Comics

Writer: Mark Russell, Jimmy Palmiotti(Jetsons), Amanda Conner(Jetsons)
Pencils: Rick Leonardi, Pier Brito(Jetsons)
Ink: Scott Hanna

Colors: Steve Buccellato, Alex Sinclair(Jetsons)
Letters: Dave Sharpe, Michael Heisler(Jetsons)

The DC Comics and Hanna-Barbera crossover has begun. Time traveler Booster Gold heads back in time to the Stone Age to meet the Flintstones. We meet Booster Gold with his robot companion Skeeter preparing for a date with a woman named Amy on March 15, 2472. The date is interrupted by the attack of a lizard looking race of aliens. Booster decides to go back in time when the alien race first visited earth, which happens to be the Stone Age.

Booster Gold’s time sphere lands on top of the alien Gorak, slicing him in half, just as he was promising the end: hunger, poverty, and the worry of four hour erections. Booster finds out Gorak was benevolent prophet who’s death caused a great war in the future. With the help of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, Booster gets his time sphere fixed and heads back to the future and try to stop the impending catastrophic event that will follow thanks to Booster’s blunder. 

Have you seen this:

Though I’ve yet to read any of the rebooted Hanna-Barbera comic books, I’ve heard that The Flintstones comic was filled with social commentary. So the Religious allegory in this issue didn’t surprise me. The serious undertones actually made the slapstick nature of the issue easier to digest. Some of the jokes didn’t land for me, and the stuff with Gorak’s dead body was incredibly morbid, but overall it was somewhat entertaining. I was surprised at just how little Booster Gold and The Flintstones actually talked to each other. It wasn’t so much a crossover as it was a Flintstones cameo.

Also included was a Jetsons side story which features Judy Jetson accompanying her grandmother though the process of her “final sequence.” Not quite as morbid as using a dead alien’s body as a puppet, but still kind of a bummer. I enjoyed the art in both stories and loved the new looks of the classic cartoon characters.

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