Breaking: OnLive Sold to Unknown 3rd-Party

Aug 18, 2012


It has been revealed that OnLive (a popular game-streaming service) has been sold to an unknown 3rd-party. The company employed between 180-200 people, and it is rumored that more than half were laid off. We at GWW hope those folks find a new gig soon – their work with OnLive helped to promote the accessibility of gaming, which we fully support. With the recent purchase of Gaikai it seemed only a matter of weeks before OnLive followed suit. There had been rumors of HP’s interest in the streaming service for a price tag around $1 billion.

Ultimately, this means little until we learn who purchased OnLive and what their intentions are. For all we know it could be a company in the process or soon to be purchased by Microsoft. We can’t jump to conclusions quite yet. If this means the end of OnLive, then Sony surely has the upper-hand with game streaming whenever they choose to incorporate Gaikai into their PlayStation brand.

More news to follow and reaction on Podcast Episode 47, to be released on Friday, August 24th.