Bubble Shooter Hacks to Score the Highest Points

Mar 4, 2023

The Internet is home to millions of online games of different categories. Some of the most popular game categories include first-person shooting games, racing games, fantasy games, etc. However, a category that surpasses all others in terms of popularity thanks to its fun features and easy accessibility is arcade games.

A fine example of a solid online arcade game is the bubble shooter game. It is a fun game with a simple objective – players need to pop same-colored bubbles hanging from the screen’s top by shooting a same-colored bubble through the virtual cannon placed at the screen’s bottom.

Arcade games require a mix of skill and luck. The case with bubble shooter games is no different. Therefore, besides having luck, all players should always have certain tricks up their sleeves during bubble shooter matches to ensure scoring the highest points. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Take the Help of Walls to Increase Shooting Range

The walls (the right and left-hand side of screens) are highly important in-game elements that most players need to learn how to take advantage of. The majority of players in bubble shooter matches clear the bubbles closest to them by shooting at them. Those who use this tactic often end up losing the match since they run out of shooter bubbles very soon. 

On the other hand, players who use the walls to make shooting bubbles rebound and reach the corners where direct or straight shots cannot often win matches with a high score. Therefore, all players are advised to use the direction-changing power of walls in bubble shooter matches to aim and eliminate bubbles present in complex situations. However, when using this trick, players should ensure they perfect their aim before taking the shot.

  • Prioritize Eliminating Hanging Clusters

Every player in bubble shooter matches must aim to pop or get rid of all the hanging bubbles by using as few shooting bubbles as possible since doing so enhances their overall score. In multiplayer matches, the player who uses the least number of bubbles to clear the playing area is declared the winner of the match. 

In bubble shooter matches, there are specific bubbles that support hanging clusters of other bubbles, i.e., the collection of bubbles is supported solely by a single bubble. There are two main ways following which individuals can get rid of the said cluster – by manually clearing the cluster using multiple bubbles or by attempting to eliminate the one that is holding them in place. 

Since the second method takes less time and effort, it is the most effective way to opt for during such situations. Moreover, following the trick also helps players minimize the number of bubbles they use. Therefore, every player that wishes to score the highest points in bubble shooter matches should keep this handy trick in mind. 

  • Avoid Stacking Different Colored Bubbles

Switching between bubbles is a great trick that comes in handy in most cases. However, there are instances when it does not work in the player’s favor. For example, the trick cannot be used if a player has a green and yellow shooter bubble in the cannon, but the hanging bubbles are mostly red in color. 

If this happens, players only have one option: use the available shooter bubbles until the right ones come. An effective way is to use the available bubbles and evenly spread them all around the playing area. However, players should avoid stacking differently-colored bubbles in a straight line since doing so can end the game if the line touches the bottom. Therefore, players are advised to avoid making bubble stalactites.  

  • Alter the Color Of Shooter Bubbles When Needed

As mentioned earlier, bubble shooter games feature virtual cannons which allow players to shoot bubbles in the desired direction. A special feature of the said canon is that, in most bubble shooter games, it allows players to switch between bubbles of different colors. Players can switch between the current and the next-in-line shooter bubble. 

Hence, depending on the situation, players are advised to alter the color of the shooter bubbles whenever needed. Unfortunately, most players, especially beginners, are unaware of this trick, which is a factor that puts them at a significant disadvantage.

For example, if the cannon has a red-colored shooting bubble followed by a blue one, players can switch to the blue one by tapping on it if needed. This is a solid bubble shooter hack using which players can significantly increase their score in bubble shooter matches. 

  • Do Not Take Waste Time Overthinking Strategies

Most bubble shooter games feature a timer, i.e., either the ceiling, which bubbles cling to, keeps coming downwards slowly, or a countdown showcasing the time left is displayed at the top of the screen. Although having the right strategies and tricks comes in handy in bubble shooter matches, players should not get too carried away while overthinking how to implement them and run out of time. 

Therefore, individuals playing bubble shooter matches are advised to keep a clear head while playing to quickly devise tactics and easily implement them without wasting too much time. Besides this, they should be careful and patient when aiming the bubbles to avoid poor execution. 

Attaining the highest score in matches should be the utmost priority of players. By following the foolproof hacks mentioned above, any player, including beginners, can easily excel in even the toughest bubble shooter games and matches.