Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1: Marvel Comics Review

May 10, 2022

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We begin our story with the Captain America and the Falcon operating in the American Southwest. Someone has stolen the super soldier serum, and our 2 heroes are working on tracking them down and returning the dangerous serum to the correct hands. Oh, and did I mention that in this story, Sam Wilson has taken up the shield and mantle as Cap?

Marvel Comics
Written by: Tochi Onyebuchi
Art by: R.B Silva
Letters by: VC’s Joe Caramanga

action packed Opening

From the beginning, we get an action packed sequence with Cap and Falcon taking on a group of mercenaries. They are fighting over what appears to be a train of Super Soldier Serum. Cap and the Falcon both get their rear ends kicked. Captain America gets knocked clean out by a rouge missile. This allows us to take a little adventure into the past.

Back we go

It is here that we finally get some character development on this iteration of Captain America, and also some background into why in the world everyone was getting blown up in the first scene. Next, we see Sam gathering intelligence on the mercenaries who stole the serum and learn a bit about their intentions. Before catching up to the story again, we also get a sneak peek of the more personal side of our Cap and what he will be up to.

To The rescue

Once Cap wakes up from his “unexpected nap” we see him and Falcon get right back into the action. Without spoiling too much, there are a number of hostages on board the train with the serum. Furthermore, they need to be rescued in short order. In typical high flying fashion, the partners are able to come up with a last minute solution and save the day.

The next Captain America

This was a speedy introduction to America’s new mascot, and it was packed with a lot of action. I think it could have benefitted from slowing down in its pacing just a little, further allowing us to become more acquainted with our new hero. That being said, it was still a good introduction with a lot of potential for the future of the series. Sam Wilson’s evolution into the character will definitely be one worth following.

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