Cate Blanchett in talks to play ‘Lilith’ in the Borderlands Film Adaptation

May 5, 2020

According to Variety, the Legendary actress Cate Blanchett is in talks to play the film adaptation version of ‘Lilith’ from the Borderlands game series. The film is set with a script from emmy-winning Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin and is to be directed by Eli Roth and Avi Arad who is also producing through Arad productions. Mrs. Blanchett has appeared in a plethora of blockbusters and most recently/notably Thor Ragnarok as Hela. Blanchett over her career has two academy Awards, three Golden Globes, and three British Academy Film Awards. The details are slim as the negotiations are ongoing but should Cate Blanchett join the production, its a major win for fans and Lionsgate alike.

Blanchett is set to play the live action adaptation of the Borderlands protagonist ‘Lilith’ who is one of the worlds six Sirens. “Sirens are individuals who have acquired incredible, mysterious powers, and are physically distinguished by elaborate tattoos that cover half of their bodies. It is said that only six Sirens can exist at any given time, and when a Siren dies, their powers pass on to another individual. All Sirens are inexplicably drawn to the planet Pandora at some point in their lives.” High hopes for Lionsgates Borderlands film as it looks to be adding a major star to its cast with only more to come.

Source: Variety

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