Catwoman has her paws on the ballot box this Fall in “Election Night” from DC

Aug 22, 2016

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*After a little digging it appears that the Prez finale will make up 12 pages of the 48 page one shot that is Catwoman: Election Night, whether or not President: Beth Ross will play a part in the Catwoman story is unknown at this time. The original story follows: 

Marvel got the big two 2016 election commentary rolling with Vote Loki earlier this year, and now it’s DC’s turn.  November 2nd days before Trump and Hillary square off in the American Presidential Election, DC comics will release Catwoman: Election Night #1.  This 48 page one shot will feature the writing talents of Meredith Finch and Mark Russell with both Ben Caldwell and Shane Davis on art.

Aside from Selina Kyle, the book will feature the modern day Prez: Beth Ross who Caldwell and Russell 650h-cobblepot-poster-2brought to back to the mainstream as part of the “DC You” publishing initiative back in 2014, as alluded to by President Ross striking a Rosie the iconic Riveter pose via the beautiful pencils of Shane Davis.  It remains to be seen what brings Prez to Gotham, as Catwoman: Election Night is supposed to revolve around a Gotham City Mayoral Campaign.  The last time Catwoman played a role in a Gotham Mayoral Campaign it was for none other than the attempted election of Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin in 1992’s Batman Return’s, which ended up being rather entertaining even if in an sick and twisted way.

As we gear up for election season here in America full swing, after Labor Day weekend expect to see your fair share of political interjection into all types of pop culture.  While many may wish to keep their comics politically free, I would rather it be done in a one shot than mandated by the publisher across the board.  So you have to give DC credit for giving their reader a choice of political commentary in their books, after all isn’t that what democracy is all about!

Do you like political commentary in your superhero comics, will you be picking up “Catwoman: Election Night“? Let us know in the comments below or tweet me @thereelbradbell and let us know your thoughts!

(Source: CBR)