Change My Mind #26: SDCC and The Ultimate Fighting Game Roster

Jul 24, 2019

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In Episode 26, the trio of Nick, Wesley & Tim draft their all-time ultimate fighting game rosters comprised of six video game characters (38:00). Who made the cut and who got left on the cutting room floor?

But before that, the gang runs through Marvel once again winning the week at San Diego Comic Con (6:00). What release are we most/least excited for? What were we hoping to hear about that we didn’t mention? Are we going to be forced to pay for Disney+ now?

Finally, we close the show with What’s On Our Mind (1:07:36). Be sure to check our weekly livestream every Monday on WBSM 1420AM’s YouTube page & follow us on Twitter: @ChangeMyMindPOD, @Fry_Guy1, @TimWeisberg & @WesleySykes_!

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