Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil – Riverdale Review

Feb 3, 2017

Those first few minutes of Riverdale weren’t a good influence on my composure. I totally understand why almost every girl at Riverdale High and, of course, Kevin, who had another amazing line, fawns after Archie. Mr. Andrews is smoking hot, in my case that credit goes all to KJ Apa. More please!

As for that line I mentioned Kevin saying: “Well, now that romance is out of the way, I’ll just say, are we 100-percent sure that Archie is straight? Because no straight guy has that body,” he asks Betty this question after she found out Archie doesn’t like her, like her. Genius writing; just pure genius.

Okay, besides my fangirling, Riverdale showed off its potential in the premiere and now it’s just really good. It’s dark, twisted, sexy, funny, endearing, intense… all at the same time. My cousin nailed it when he tweeted out that the cast and dialogue are spot on and sharp, respectively. As I wrote in my first review of the show, I’ve never read a single Archie comic, let alone picked one up, but I wouldn’t want anyone else playing these characters.

Speaking of characters. In the pilot, I thought the standout performance was Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica. This week it was Madelaine Petsch, who’s Cheryl Blossom. The range Petsch showed from scene to scene when it came to selling a particular emotion was stellar.

I bought when she was hiding the grief of her brother’s murder behind being a bitch, super friendly with a hint of anger and then letting out all of what she’s going through in complete sadness and tears. I was so surprised that she stood out to me because in the first week she wasn’t all that impressive. Betty and Veronica have multiple layers to them and now so does she, especially with the episode’s cliffhanger.

So far characters and their development certainly drive Riverdale. However, that can’t be done well or successfully without those same roles having relationships that either build toward a bond the audience roots for or a toxic one that we simply despise. Easily the best on the show right now is Archie and Jughead.

Whenever Apa and Cole Sprouse are on screen together I always wonder, What happened to these two guys? Obviously they used to be close friends. This feeling and sense I have is due to the acting and also the writing. Throughout Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil, there are two separate scenes that show off how intense the friction is between them and then later on how much of a bond is still there. I, for one, am rooting for these two to be the best of buds.

Things are sure heating up on Riverdale though. Who killed Jason Blossom is a season long plot point. After two weeks my money is on Alice Cooper — Betty’s mom. She’s some kind of weird that lady. When Betty says her mom’s crazy, she’s right.

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