Choosing the Power Ring bearers of Hollywood – Let’s Cast The Green Lantern Corps Movie

Jan 14, 2017

With the recent news announcing David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes as screenwriters for the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film, theories, speculation, and fan casting galore has been running rampant. Everyone has their own personal preferences for who would make up the ‘Lethal Weapon in space’ duo rumored to be comprised of Hal Jordan and John Stewart, but if it’s going to be the Lantern Corps it has to contain more than two Lanterns right? While we’re at it, if it has two(hopefully more) Green Lanterns, it’s bound to have other Corps Rings represented as well. That was the theory I was operating under when I put together my list of the Power Ring bearing finest and aligned them to my first round draft picks. Take a gander below and see how you feel with my choices and then do what every good fan does, make a fan cast list of your own!

Hal Jordan

Hopefully your gut reaction to Hal is not filled with the misery of Ryan Reynolds poorly executed animated green rendition. Just like many actors over the last decade, Hal Jordan deserves a shot at redemption as well.

My first casting choice, which was a widely popular fan theory online prior to his casting in Wonder Woman is Chris Pine.

Pine deserves a shot at a title character comic book film, he carries Hal’s persona well, and I’m fairly certain if he’s cast as a title character we can combine him with Captain Evans, Thor Hemsworth, and Star Pratt to open the gate to the multiverse.

In defense of my casting I come prepared with a theory: Steve Trevor is Hal Jordan’s ancestor. The military background and hero nature for both characters paired with a little exposition and some interesting scenes with Wonder Woman in the Justice League possibly could create a completely viable execution.

For those of you who are not fans of comic based reincarnation, I bring you my other choice for Hal Jordan, Armie Hammer.

Hammer has the look, the chops, the comedic prowess, and is on the rise. I feel he’s deserving of a big role like Hal and would definitely be selected by the Power Ring. A recent Twitter comment by a certain power that be in the DC universe also strongly reinforces the possibility of seeing Hammer grab onto his very own Lantern.


John Stewart


No, not the Comedy Central guy. I’m talking the far more straight faced and stoic Lantern of the rumored duo. The Murtaugh to Hal’s Riggs.


My first choice, and whose Tweet expressing interest got me so on board that I decided to put this fan cast together, is Sterling K. Brown.

Brown’s recent portrayal of Christopher Darden in The People Vs. O.J. Simpson was absolutely incredible. Standing his own and even stealing scenes from a cast filled with other extremely talented and arguably more well known (at the onset) co-stars catapulted Brown’s name to the top of society’s watch list, and his continued powerful and captivating performance on This is Us has made him arguably one of the most popular names on television at present. His performance in his two most recent projects shows the sheer power he can bring to a role, something I think could bring life and depth to John Stewart. My last argument for Sterling K. Brown is the sheer fact that he wants the role, I can name a thousand other talented actors, but passion for a role transforms an already talented actor into something that transcends into the personification of a character.

While Brown is currently attached to Marvel’ s Black Panther, if his role is smaller and attached to only the one film it should free him up for the Power Ring to rip him out of Wakanda and into the Corps letting me make the haystack #SterlingForStewart into reality.

The other actor whom I had strongly held as a preference for the role of John Stewart is Common.

Common may have an edge in this category as he has already been cast as John Stewart. Common was tasked with playing the character in the defunct Justice League: Mortal from director George Miller. The movie failed thanks to the 2008 writer’s strike but sense then Common’s performances have only continued to evolve and bring greater attention to his talent and versatility, that, coupled with his silent intensity would add a very smart dynamic for the sarcastic Jordan to play off. His role as Monster T in the Suicide Squad however, would make it arguably more difficult to conceive him taking up the role in the intergalactic police force.

Kyle Rayner

As we expand the scope of our wishlist Lantern Corps, our first addition outside the current rumored characters, is the artist turned superhero Kyle Rayner.

My first choice for Rayner is Taylor Kitsch.

Kitsch didn’t have the strongest introduction into the comic film world, however his charisma, physical prowess, and the range he displayed in Savages provides a strong argument for his shot at redemption.

Second in line for Rayner’ s ring is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Few can dispute the resume and his ability to mold into any role put before him. He could display a unique degree of emotion into the role and would be very believable portraying the artist background of the character.

Thirdly I present to you Jensen Ackles.

Ackles has a strong fan following consisting of endless fan casts, and, assuming he could break away from the set of Supernatural, he could bring his trademark smart-ass humor which would provide some entertaining interactions between him and the rest of the cast.

Jessica Cruz

One of the latest Lanterns to be introduced, Cruz’ s strong, no turning back, overall bad ass persona along with her origin story could make for a great addition to the film, making ‘training the rookie’ one of the plot drivers of the film and setting up for sequels and a spin-off.

My first choice for Jessica Cruz is Diane Guerrero of Orange Is The New Black fame.

Guerrero shows she has what it takes to be tough, feisty, and take the fight to the guys while balancing that with the ability to show fear and raw emotion very powerfully. With a Netflix hit and a week night sitcom under her belt I think it’s high time for Guerrero to cut her teeth on the comic genre.

If Orange Is The New Black doesn’t translate well to Green, my second choice to dawn the mantle of Jessica Cruz is Summer Glau.

Glau has the cult classic, sci fi, comic world, niche down. She’s established her ability to portray a tough powerful woman who will not go down without a fight. Firefly’ s ship may have sailed, but perhaps Glau’ s space adventures are not quite done.

Simon Baz

If we’re going to have Cruz, then it’s only a natural progression to add her Power Battery Buddy and partner Simon Baz. Simon has a good story, adds strong dynamic potential, and leaves open set ups for sequels and spinoffs, similar to his Jessica Cruz.

My first choice for Baz is Rahul Kohli.

Kohli’ s comic world exposure in iZombie has been well received, also showing he can generate strong chemistry performances with a female teammate. Having the opportunity to transition from quasi-sidekick to hero, Kohli can bring a strong dynamic performance to Baz.

My second pick for Simon Baz would be Theo Rossi.

Rossi’ s silent intensity is something that carries such a cerebral performance without uttering a word that I want to cast him in everything. His roles in Sons of Anarchy and Luke Cage have only further catapulted his castability. It’s only a matter of time before he’s aligned to his next comic character.



Guy Gardner

Often displayed as the alternate or backup choice when Hal is selected by the Power Ring, having Gardner represented in the Corps could provide so many possibilities it would be irresponsible to pass it up. Rivalry, friendship, and even potential future villain depending on the comic lore chosen, the dynamic is just too rich.


I have two choices for Gardner, and I approve of them equally, with the contingency that I want the other one to play Booster Gold. My choices are the Con Man co-stars Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk.

I think they’re both incredible, both have amazing comedic timing, comic book appreciation, sci fi experience and are just icons. The consolation casting as Booster Gold for the other would provide two wins for us DC fans.


The powerhouse and combat trainer of the Corps, I personally would love to see this hard hitting creature make another appearance in the Corps film. Training scenes, both with our two principals and the additional Lanterns I’m adding to the fray, as well as a unique contribution to larger battle scenes would provide another aesthetic layer for the film.

My choice for the powerful Kilowog is Nonso Anozie.

Anozie’ s size and both literal and symbolic strength makes him a natural choice for Kilowog. His previous roles in films like Jason Momoa’s Conan, Ender’s Game, and his time on Game of Thrones displays his presence, affinity for action scenes, and his portrayal of strength, both in the quiet standing strong way, and the loud, angry bear, tear your head off kind of way. Anozie’ s voice and motion capture contributions would be a great addition to the Green Lanterns.


A Lantern Corps movie needs a, if not some, villains and representation from the other Lanterns on the spectrum. One of those colors is the Red for Rage, and who better to represent Rage than Atrocitus? Physically imposing and destructive along with the risk of tapping into others characters anger and converting them to the grasp of the Red Lantern Ring.

A perfect pick for the terrifying Atrocitus is Kevin Grevioux.

Grevioux would normally be my choice for Darkside, however with the rampant rumors of Jeff Bridges embodying the tyrant from Apokolyps, I will step away from envisioning Grevioux blasting Omega beams from his eyes and instead throwing a Red Ring on his finger and constructing a giant bull from his rage fueled energy to crash through China shops. His physical presence, his gravely voice, and the guttural yell he can use to send shivers down the spines of even the bravest heroes. While I still would love to see the Underworld star as Darkseid, I would be absolutely thrilled with the performance he could bring to the leader of the Red Lanterns.


The Orange Lanterns and the embodiment of Greed would be another great addition to the film, both for the visual aspect and the storyline possibilities.

My first choice for Larfleeze would be Rhys Ifans.

Ifans has the dynamic aspects that I feel could bring the character to life and do justice to the nuances that would bring his portrayal to the next level. Ifans also has some comic film experience and becoming a CG character experience thanks to his role as Doc Connors/Lizard in the Amazing Spider-Man. Besides I envision Larfleeze as an amalgamation of the Lizard and, one of Ifans’ other characters, Adrian from Little Nicky so in my mind Ifans would make the perfect choice.

My other choice for the King of Greed is Dee Bradley Barker.

Barker actually voiced Larfleeze in the Green Lantern Animated series, and it is always a neat opportunity for a voice actor to bring his cartoon counterpart to life on the big screen.


Can you really redeux the Green Lantern Corps and not incorporate one of, if not thee, largest foes of of favorite intergalactic police force? I can’t imagine how. We don’t have to have his fall from grace as a Lantern and his succumbing to fear. I say we start with Sinestro already as one of the foremost Yellow Lanterns and planning his next attack, maybe by rallying Atrocitus and Larfleeze to mount an a final strike, or possibly by manipulating the former to reek havoc throughout the galaxy to spread the Lanterns apart and draw them out for a surprise assault.

My best choice for Sinestro is Luke Evans.

Evans has a series of strong performances under his belt, and his role in the Fast and Furious franchise and more recently The Girl on the Train show the darker side of his range quite well. Evans could play a good foil to our heroes and be a more cerebral villain, making him manipulating and developing plans quite believable.

If Luke Evans isn’t up to give into Fear and embrace his Power Ring, we can always bring back my personal favorite part of the original Green Lantern film. No, not Ryan Reynolds creating an energy construct of a toy car track, I’m talking about Mark Strong.

I felt like Strong’ s performance embodied what I would’ve wanted out of Sinestro and with better writing and overall film execution, I feel like we would be talking about his performance as one of the top comic movie villains of all time. If there is anyone who deserves a call back to get another shot from that film, it’s Mark Strong.

Saint Walker

I feel like the inclusion of the Blue Lantern Corps and their propensity for Hope could add so many layers to the film. My personal pick for our resident Blue Lantern is Saint Walker. Maintaining hope in the face of his me planet heading towards destruction, the perpetual silver lining finding Walker could add a very deep emotion to the film.

When I see Walker my mind immediately goes to Abe Sapien from Hellboy, honestly, that’s the voice I hear as well. So my natural casting for Saint Walker is Doug Jones.

No stranger to bringing life to some of oddest looking creatures in film lore, Jones’ gift for movement and his cool calm yet slightly alien tone would truly bring Saint Walker to life.

Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)

What’s love got to do with it, got to do with it, what’s love but one of the colored emotions on the Lantern Ring spectrum? If we’re going to bring in the love powered, borderline Amazonian, women are superior to men, Violet Lantern Corps aka the Star Sapphires into the fray, and I one hundred percent believe we should, Carol Ferris is a natural choice. Ferris is one of the earlier Sapphires, and also has a romantic history with Hal Jordan. Perfect formula for introduction and a plot driver.

When I think of all the attributes that comprise the Star Sapphire, the strength, the believable superiority, the hypnotic capability, my mind can’t help but be drawn to an element, the Fifth Element in fact, well it’s personification anyway. I’m talking about Milla Jovovich.

Jovovich is nerd royalty in my opinion, she’s iconic and believable as the lead warrior of the Violet Lantern Corps.


The Indigo Lantern Corps whose leader has a very fascinating story of redemption, a fall from grace back to her old ways, and acceptance again of her new found peace through Compassion. The fact that she also helps Hal Jodan assemble the Lanterns to combat the Black Lanterns during Blackest Night, which would be an amazing third act of the Lantern Corps trilogy is just icing on the cake.

My choice for Indigo-1, with the ability to play vast extremes of emotion and could add an incredible dynamic to the character is Ali Larter.

No stranger to the sci go/comic worlds, this Resident Evil and Heroes veteran has a wide array of talent which could bring the character to life. Seeing Iroque, either through flashbacks or her revert to her old ways upon release from her Ring, Larter’ s performance in Obsessed shows her ability to portray rage and instability that would have Atrocitus’ Red Ring running for a new host.

There you have it, my lengthy fan cast for Green Lantern Corps that could give cast and plot drivers to bring us a trilogy and beyond. I have ideas for Nekron and the Phantom Lantern(Frank Kaminski) and many others, but those will have to wait until we see what this film brings. I also have story-lines up the wazoo, so Goyer, Rhodes, Geoff Johns, if you need some help, you know where to find me.


Do you agree? Have some casting ideas of your own? Let me know, I’d love to hear them! I have high hopes for redemption for the Corps, with the right cast, and attention paid to the characters we love, I believe we could have the Green Lanterns we want and deserve.

Until next time, keep it nerdy.