Chris Evans is looking to come back to Marvel Studios

Jan 14, 2021

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In a surprising turn of events Deadline is reporting Chris Evans is nearing a deal with Marvel Studios to reprise his role as Captain America. The outlet is very sparse on details but claims Evans is in talks to return as Steve Rodgers for an upcoming MCU project with the possibility of more down the line.

Deadline indicates its unlikely to be a stand alone Captain America project and will more likely be a supporting role in another MCU film. With Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness currently filming this seems to be a likely candidate as the possibilities are endless for a potential Captain America return in some form in that film.

Last time we saw Captain America, he had hung up his shield to live a happy life with his long time love Peggy Carter, but we also saw Cap head back into the time stream to replace the gems the Avengers had taken to defeat Thanos, so again the possibilities for his return have more than one option as the studio can play with multiple ideas involving time travel, the multiverse, or my personal favorite a return to his World War II routes to introduce another popular Marvel character, Wolverine.

Evans has sense taken to twitter to seemingly deny the report but actors denying these type of reports are pretty common nowadays so only time will tell what actually happens with Steve’s return. Either way we are excited by the prospect and hope to see a different version of Cap grace the big or small screen in the near future.

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Source: Deadline

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