Chris Pirri’s Top 30 Horror Movies: #25 Texas Chainsaw Massacare (1974)

Oct 7, 2015

Its October and that means Halloween is almost here. In honor of my favorite holiday of the year I give to you my top thirty horror movies. Now some of these films might be on every list, but some might not. I might even have a film or two that you have never heard of. Just remember this is my top thirty. In other words these films made me cringe or just sent chills up my spine. So with no further ado here is my list.

# 25
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Directed by: Tobe Hooper


This is the movie that started the so called slasher films. I can hear the chainsaw now as I stare at the movie poster. Anytime you hear a chainsaw I bet you think of Leatherface and this movie, I know I do. That is what makes a great horror movie. If just a sound can bring images to your head then the director did a fantastic job.

The movie starts off with a group of friends heading out to visit one of the girls Grandfathers grave. Supposedly there have been reports of grave robbing. This is where the movie is loosely and I mean very loosely based on true events. There was a murderer called Ed Gein who snatched bodies and used their skin for trophies. The fun or shall I say nightmare begins when they find a house by the lake. Unknown to them this is the house nightmares are made of and home to a chainsaw wielding fiend called Leatherface. Why is he called this? Well what do you think they would call you if you had a mask of human flesh. If that is not enough to scare you and make you run for the hills. You could always sit down and enjoy a meal with his cannibalistic family.

There was of course the inevitable remake of this film but this is the one you need to watch. The grainy color of 1974 just makes this movie more enjoyable. Just remember nothing really turns out well when you pick up a hitchhiker.

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