Chris Pratt Comments On ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot Role

Feb 7, 2015


Latino Review originally revealed a scoop that Lucasfilm and Disney were considering a reboot of the Indiana Jones franchise, something that was balked-at by many fans and bloggers alike.

Producer Frank Marshall tried his best to debunk it at the time with sites taking his side on the matter.

There was also talk that Harrison Ford’s Force Awakens contract included an appearance in a fifth untitled/undated Indy movie that further helped pile-on the reboot talk. I’m sure Ford’s age and his on-set Star Wars injury might have had the studio starting to rethink that approach of having him reprise the stunt-heavy role. Disney has the right at any point to replace actors in their films.

Deadline eventually confirmed the previous report as Disney was indeed developing a relaunch with a new actor. That actor being Chris Pratt (Guardians of The Galaxy, Jurassic World) who is already involved with a huge Disney franchise making his involvement very plausible. was able to speak with Chris about the recent rumblings he was in the running to replace Harrison Ford as the iconic globetrotting adventurer. Saying that it would be an “awesome opportunity” which is neither confirmation or a denial.

The other names linked to the running included Bradley Cooper (American Sniper, Silver Lining Playboy), and Chris Hemsworth (The Heart of The Sea, Avengers), so it’s not cemented that he’ll land the part.

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He’s pretty much playing the character already in Guardians of The Galaxy and to some extent in Jurassic World that might be a factor to become a strong candidate for the role.

That said, Pratt has a crazy busy lineup of movie projects in the pipeline which include Magnificent Seven, Cowboy Ninja Viking and a possible role opposite Jennifer Lawrence in Sony’s Passengers.

People are trying to say Pratt is far too young for the role when he’ll likely be very close to the age of Ford in Raiders of The Lost Ark once production begins.

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger has previously stated they are taking “their time” developing Indiana Jones 5 which could give them plenty of time put some space between Pratt’s currently busy schedule and the film’s production.

I think a reboot could be the best thing for the troubled franchise that needs new direction in terms of replacing both George Lucas and controversially Steven Spielberg as director. Getting in new blood like they’ve done with the new Star Wars films might be best way to keep the series fresh.

Fans keep ignoring this but  The Kingdom of The Crystal Skulls was a terrible film experience for many people and introducing aliens into the fray might be already enough reasons to bring it back to the 20s or 30s with a relaunch. I still think it was a missed opportunity not to explore his WWII adventures which was teased in the last film.

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Disney spent billions buying Lucasfilm which wasn’t just for Star Wars they of course want to make multiple new Indiana Jones movies and Ford really isn’t in the kind of shape to be making these kinds of movies longterm.

Let’s remember that Lucasfilm studio head Kathy Kennedy has been involved with the franchise since Temple of Doom. In her lengthy Hollywood career also producing films like Back To The Future trilogy, Jurassic Park, The Goonies, E.T., Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Gremlins.

Fans couldn’t ask for a better person in-charge of the future of the character.

The studio has Raiders of The Lost Ark screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan writing scripts for them including Force Awakens so having him return for Indiana Jones 5 wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

I’m also hoping that Lucasfilm considers spin-off potential as well since characters like Marion could easily lead their own film.

Should audiences endure another Indy adventure with Harrison Ford or is it a good idea to respectfully relaunch the franchise?


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