Chris Pratt Eyes Lead Role In Next Film From ‘Wind River/Sicario’s Taylor Sheridan

Oct 25, 2018

Variety reports that Chris Pratt is currently in talks to star in Taylor Sheridan‘s (Wind River, Sicario) next directorial effort for Warner Bros. The project has the current working title of Fast and would see Pratt return his old stomping ground of playing a soldier/former soldier.

The film follows a former special forces commando (Pratt), who’s recruited by the DEA to lead a black ops strike team targeting drug dealers who are protected by the CIA.

The studio seemingly has been waiting for a star to lead the film as they’re planning on giving it a budget of $70-80 million, which would need some star power to get a profitable return.


Pratt’s schedule seemingly opened up due to the hiatus of Universal’s Cowboy Ninja Viking and the current director search for Guardians 3, which would likely give him the opening to fit one or two movies in before either started up again.

Production dates are currently unknown and Warner Bros. has yet to give the project a release date.