Ciara Hinds Gives First Details About Justice League Villain: Steppenwolf

Apr 5, 2017

Last year, Ciara Hinds was reported to be doing the motion capture and voice work for Steppenwolf, the main villain for the upcoming Justice League film. In an interview with The Independent, he confirmed this role and gave some new insight into what Steppenwolf will be like.

We had our first look at Steppenwolf in Batman v Superman, which many fans have speculated was just a projection of the Kryptonian ship. So it’s been unknown if Steppenwolf will be mostly CG, similar to his projection, or if he’ll look more like his comic book character. According to Hinds, Steppenwolf will be all CGI except for his eyes and mouth. “Basically they’re going to construct something, digitally, and then they will use my eyes and mouth,” he stated.

Additionally, he said that Steppenwolf is “old, tired, still trying to get out of his own enslavement to Darkseid, [but] he has to keep on this line to try and take over worlds.”

This could make for a very interesting dynamic that Steppenwolf will bring to the movie. His relationship with Darkseid seems to have depth to it that we can only hope will be explored, at least briefly, on screen. This statement also makes me wonder if we will see Darkseid in the movie, or if he will be a background presence in the shadows, similar to Thanos in the MCU.

Steppenwolf will get his live-action debut in Justice League on November 17th, 2017.