Classic WoW Attunements

Feb 5, 2021


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Attunements! Remember them? Well, if you’re playing Classic WoW, then you’ll have to battle attunements for several dungeons and raids you come across. Here we’ll walk through all of the attunements required for each instance. Let’s take a look. 

Dungeon Attunements

Some of the attunements we cover in this section are low level, and you can skip them if you really want to. However, if you’re a completionist who wants the whole WoW experience, then you’ll want to do all of these. 


Gnomeregan is a level 28 to 38 dungeon located in Dun Morogh. If you want to open the back door in Gnomeregan, you need to loot the Workshop Key from Electrocutioner 6000. If you’re a feral druid wanting to farm Manual Crowd Pummeler at level 60, then don’t skip this. 

The Scarlet Key

You find the Scarlet Key in a box at the end of the Scarlet Monastery dungeons’ Library wing. This key is useful for opening doors to the other Scarlet Monastery dungeons, as well as some doors inside the instance. It also opens doors in the Scarlet area of the Stratholme Living dungeon you play at the end game, so keep a hold of it. 

Zul’Farrak Mallet 

The Sacred Mallet drops from Qiaga the Keeper on top of the Altar of Zul in the Hinterlands zone located in the north of Eastern Kingdoms. She’s a level 50 elite and has her buddy, another 50 elite nearby, so it can be tricky. Once you have the mallet, you bring it to the top of Jintha’alor. Here, you use it near the altar to turn it into the Mallet of Zul’Farrak so you can summon Gahz’rilla in Zul’Farrak.

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Yeh’Kinya’s Scroll

This is part of a quest chain involving four quests: Screecher Spirits, The Prophecy of Mosh’aru, The Ancient Egg, and The God Hakkar. Once you complete every step and get the scroll, you can summon the avatar Hakkar in the Sunken Temple dungeon. He has some fantastic loot. 

Blackrock Depths

Here it’s all about getting the Shadowforge key, an item that can open particular doors and gates in Blackrock Depths. The quest chain to get the Shadowforge key starts with the Dark Iron legacy quest, which you must pick up while dead.

Crescent Key

This is a short attunement quest you pick up from Dire Maul West. All you have to do is defeat an imp and steal the key from him. You can then open doors and gates within the Dire Maul instances. 

Skeleton Key

This key is how to get attuned to the Scholomance dungeon. The quest is called The Key to Scholomance, and you can start it at level 55 by talking to Alchemist Arbington in Stormwind, or the equivalent for the Horde. There’s a fair by traveling and questing involved to get the key. 

Upper Blackrock Spire

Loot Gemstone of Spirestone, Gemstone of Smoldethorn, Gemstone of Bloodaxe, and get the Unadorned Seal of Ascension. Then you can visit Vaelan in Lower Blackrock Spire to receive a quest. By completing this quest, you’ll get the Seal of Ascension, granting you access to Upper Blackrock Spire. 

Raid Attunements


For Naxxramas attunement, you need to be at least Honored with the Argent Dawn. Once you hit Honored, you can talk to Archmage Angela Dosantos, who lives in Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands. For the most part, the Naxxramas achievement is about how much WoW Gold you want to throw at it. If you’re Honored with the Argent Dawn, it will cost you 60 Gold plus some crystals and a Righteous Orb. If you’re Revered, it will set you back 30 gold, 2 Arcane Crystals, and 1 Nexus Crystal. If you’re Exalted, it’s free! But reaching Exalted is a massive grind. 

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Onyxia’s Lair

This is the biggest attunement quest line in Classic WoW, so you better have some time on your hands. The quest chain starts off in the Burning Steppes with the NPC Helendis Riverhorn. This questline will have you traveling all over the map. You’ll have to fight a disguised Onyxia in Stormwind (or Horde equivalent), venture into the Blackrock Spire dungeon to receive dragon’s blood, and more. 

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