Cloak & Dagger S01XE01 Review

May 24, 2018

Cloak & Dagger

Season 1 Episode 1 “First Light”

Our introduction to Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson is forged in pain as both kids find themselves dealing with more than any child should very quickly. What makes the intro to this episode work is that it seems to begin a theme that these two people need each other to survive. As evident in how they get out of the dramatic circumstances they find themselves in.

Years later, we see how their lives have progressed and what we see shows two people who seem to be missing something fundamental. Their shared trauma aside, there is a sense of these two kids being emotionally lost. Something evident in how they seem to superficially conduct their lives. There’s a really well-shot montage that showcases their divergent lives, including Tandy’s past which has a connection to a classic Marvel Comics entity and the characters.

I really like the overall vibe of this first episode. There is a naturalistic feel to these characters and their interactions that doesn’t stretch credibility. Even in the moment when their powers manifest, you get the sense that there is a tangibility to them as well. Stylistically, the episode looks good as well. The lighter moments have a washed out feel to them and the scenes in darkness make great use of shadow. I think this is a concept that will carry over into the series considering the characters themselves.

The family dynamics are well done as well. There seems to be concerted effort to have a sense of balance in this episode, especially between the characters and even their home lives. I like that there isn’t anything simple in this story from the beginning and the mysteries that are forming are compelling.