Comic Book Haul 11/11/15 – Biggest Stack YET!

Nov 14, 2015


I thought I got a lot last week. NOPE. Walked out of the shop with 20 books. TWENTY. My comic book haul never seems to get smaller. Each week Marvel, DC, and indie publishers keep putting out more and more books I need to read.

Marvel gave us the latest installment of Secret Wars, DC gave us a new interesting mini-series in “Superman American Alien”, and smaller publishers gave us more of our favorites in “Zodiac Starforce”, “Back to the Future”, and “The Walking Dead”. Several new titles from Marvel were also coming out and Image is releasing an incredibly hyped title in “The Goddamned”.

Make sure to watch until the end so you can see my weekly comic book selection! Its a series I’ve been looking forward to since Secret Wars started! Plus, feel free to share what you picked up in your comic book haul! I love to hear what you’re reading and its fun to share what you got.

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