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Nov 25, 2014

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TMNT-Ghostbusters-02_Cover-RegularTMNT/Ghostbusters #2 (IDW Publishing)

Written By: Erik Burnham & Tom Waltz
Art By: Dan Schoening
Colors By: Luis Antonio Delgado

Part 2 of this cross over event containing two of my all time favorite characters coming together is aptly named “The meeting of Minds”. So far we have this demon who wants to cross universes and do as all evil demons do, which is become all powerful. Standing in the way of that dastardly plan is the Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. After some misunderstandings and joking around about names (Venkman tells the renaissance artist named turtles that he and the Ghostbusters are also named after famous artists) there is a trip back to the Ghostbusters headquarters after the Mikey spends some time drooling over the Ecto-1.

The inevitable fight between the turtles and ‘busters was entertaining and illustrated cleanly to show each sides talents and weapons. Dan Schoening’s art and Luis Antonia Delgado’s coloring of this comic is really tying this story nicely together. With each turtle being paired up and compared to a Ghostbuster, its funny to see the similarities and comedic likenesses come through. The turtles look a little emotionless with their facial features, however, the ‘busters have a full range of emotions such as playful, joking, serious or stimulated through debate.

As this story gets further along and the Ghostbusters and Ninja Turtles learn to trust each other, there will be no lack of teaming up. Burnham and Waltz’s story hasn’t progressed much since our initial outset, but there has been a vast amount of dialogue and back-stories being discussed (the notion of ghost existing or the turtles being brothers and not just friends). The final page maybe the highlight of the entire issue and should be made into a poster right now so I can spend my hard earned cash on it. The only questions I have is why did it take so long for this team up and can Playmate Toys release a line of actions figures for this cross over story?

*Review by Cory Anderson


4233158-tmnt_40-pr-page-001 (416x640)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #40 (IDW Publishing) 

Story By: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow & Tom Waltz
Script By: Tom Waltz
Art By: Mateus Santolouco
Colors By: Ronda Pattinson

Not since the early 90s has the iconic tag team pairing of Bebop and Rocksteady been seen in a Ninja Turtles story (though they have been teased and Easter egged in the animated cartoon). They have since been reintroduced into the comic-verse and been trashing those punk turtles left and right. There is another familiar mutant skateboarder that was surely a fan favorite, Mondo Gecko, who has also made his radical return. There is next to nothing going on in this issue as far as overall story is concerned (the final page has the only panels that will further progress this tale), instead we are given 20+ pages of mutant on half human battle royale!

The entire comic was one big brawl featuring the half rhino and half boar team who just beating up on the ninja teens and their allies.Iit could not have been any cooler. I remember the days when Bebop would make cliché jokes and get his snot socked by the turtles, or Rocksteady would blunder the scheme of that TMNT-40_Cover-Bepisode and ruin everything. These two thugs for the Foot are no longer messing around. It takes a combined effort as well as heavy ammunition to bring down the building of these brutes, and that wasn’t even enough to stop them. The entire fight was well scripted and the execution of the illustration and art was perfect. There was a great pace as to the panels as I felt like I was right there for the action. One more great point of how great the art work is in this new TMNT run, would be the character models. The mutants have great emotions and personalities that they wear on their faces, from the young naïve look on Mikey to the brute strength and thuggish mentality of Bebop or Rocksteady who are clearly not the buffoons from the campy TV show.

I was so entertained throughout the entire fight that I didn’t realize there should have been a narration or two about actual developments in the comics current arc until I was on the final page. A breathtaking fight that had some serious character to character heart felt moments had me almost audibly gasping as the house was brought down in a physical and metaphorical sense. Now that they have that out of their systems I think there is going to be some amazing story lines to come about in the next few issues. If the cover for the next issue is anything to go by, get ready for some Technodrome action! Man I love being a turtle (fan!).

*Review by Cory Anderson


ODY-C (427x640)ODY-C (Image Comics)

Written by Matt Fraction:
Art by: Christian Ward

Homer’s The Odyssey is an epic poem that tells a grand tale of myth full of gods, monsters, and men. Matt Fraction and Christian Ward in an attempt to make “their Barberella” instead stumbled into retelling Homer’s most famous story but with a couple of intriguing changes. To keep the spirit of their original idea and add a little Barberella flair Fraction and Ward gender swapped the roles and set the whole thing in space. Being a fan of the original tale and the whole Greek mythology thing in general I was immediately on board.

Fraction adopts a writing style of his ODY-C that is very similar to Homer’s original poem. This maybe the books down fall (at least for a dolt like me) as it can be tuff to read and understand at first. I did find though as I continued on I quickly adapted and began to follow the story and dialogue with ease. Other than that quick miss step Fraction and Ward’s first issue is a psychedelic joy ride that will make your eyeballs salivate for more. While Fractions characters are stone cold ruthless warriors their souls peek through in key moments that really shine ody-c1preview1-109259 (421x640)under his hand. Although this is just the first step I feel like Fraction will add enough of his out of this world style to really keep the reader hooked.

Story isn’t all this book has to offer as Christian Ward’s art his dare I say it, “Out of this World.” A true explosive of color, movement, and light Ward’s art style perfectly fits into Fraction’s re-telling. Each page and panel brings something new and I often found myself rushing through the text just who I could really breath in the art and get to the next page. Ward’s use of color maybe the best thing about this book as it’s behold beautiful and hard to turn away from.

ODY-C maybe a run start especially for newer readers and those unfamiliar with the source material but it’s worth the few bumps. If the text starts to lose you just let the art be your savior as it is worth you attention more than anything else. ODY-C may not be for everyone but with a little faith it could quickly become your favorite reboot ever.

*Review by Casey Walsh


Memetic-002-coverA-39e7b (416x640)Memtic #2 (Boom Studios)

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Eryk Donovan
Color by: Adam Guzowski

Memetic #2 picks up where it left off as the pandemic continues to turn people against each other after the viral image of the smiling sloth transforms everyone into cannibalistic monsters. Aaron and Ryan venture out to the medical center in hopes of finding a cure and loved one. Meanwhile, Colonel Shaw and his team try to track down the culprit who unleashed the catastrophic meme. Issue two proves this series is a fresh exciting addition to the post-apocalyptic thriller genre that is engrossing, shocking and with a sense of urgency.

James Tynion IV has created his best work in this tightly plotted series that works on many levels. Aaron and Ryan are trying to understand what’s going on while trying to survive the crisis. They make the most interesting pair of characters because they truly care for one another and are shown to be loving and protective. It’s a refreshing relationship amid the chaos of the epidemic. The Colonel and his team are more standard stuff. The steely-eyed veteran and his team of scientists and military personnel don’t break any stereotypes but they are at least entertaining. They’re trying to escape the city and fly out to search for the guy that started the mess. They have to run through a gauntlet of sloth=loving zombies first.

Eryk Donovan and Adam Guzowski do a fantastic job of illustrating the world gone mad without creating an entirely crazy landscape. Anyone who is affected could turn at any time and Donovan does a great job of designing common citizens one minute and savage blood-crying monsters the next. Guzowski’s colors don’t overpower the panels so much as compliment them with subtle shades of color. It creates an ethereal world that is slowly deteriorating into madness.

Memetic is a homerun for Boom! Studios featuring Tynion’s best work to date.

*Review by Enrique Rea


comics-capture-creatures-01 (421x640)Capture Creatures #1 (kaBOOM!)

Writer: Frank Gibson
Illustrator: Becky Dreistadt
Inking: Kelly Bastow
Colors: Tracy Liang

Do you like Pokemon and Digimon? Well, you might like Capture Creatures, kaBOOM!’s newest comic. In our first issue we are introduced to Tamzen, a young adventurous girl and Jory, a bookish young man interning at a science facility. This first issue doesn’t have much in the way of story or worldbuilding except for two references to a group called the Revisionsists and the constant presence of the Forest Rehabilitation Service and it’s employees, of whom include Tamzen’s father. Despite the name of the comic many of the Creatures don’t have much of an appearance in this issue, except for one particular Creature being the driving force for the third half of the issue.

The end of the of the issue is very interesting and puts many questions out in the forefront that will be answered in the following issues. The characters are fantastic and overall the comic had me smiling and laughing quite a bit. The art is great too, there is a lot of basic geometric shapes and hard, dark outlines that makes it feel innocent but also contemporary. This book has much promise and I cannot wait to read the next installment.

*Review by Tyler Polluck


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